FIST is a short fall. My ACOG was great in Afgan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by highlandman, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. From the last FIST notice I saw was that Elcan had won over the ACOG. The ACOG is already proven and has already beat the Elcan in another trial. I think this is criminal that Thales can buy a cheaper and less effective sight for our soldiers.
    I am sick of cost stopping soldiers getting what they need in the field. This is a disgrace.
    If I was not serving I would go to the press.
    I am sure everyone who has had the ACOG agrees it is much better. It is what has been issue to the SF guys but just when we thought we would be getting the same, they go for a cheaper option claiming it is just as good.
  2. Hello Mr Eclan.
  3. I wouldn't turn my nose up at an Elcan over my Aimpoint
  4. Really? I quite like aimpoints.
  5. Unfortunately, my bold.
  6. They could always buy more Eotech's & not just the ones for the UGL.

    I like it as a rifle sight & the 3x magnifier adds another dimension.
  7. Arn't SUSAT, ECLAN and ACOG all x 4?
  8. And after all the trouble they took to remove the "undesirable" biblical serial number references that might "cause offence" although if having stopped one from a weapon thus equipped that might tend to be the least of your non-Christian worries. Tsk.
  9. Elcan seems good. ACOG also. But which is best...

    There's only one way to find out!
  10. And who is going to get the ACOGs once they are replaced?

  11. Libya

  12. Probably sold on or given to SF.
    I believe that Elcan will be for FIST units, Aimpoint for those that used iron sight (this still has not been decided, yet).