Fist Fodder - First Frappe - Who were you thinking of?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cernunnos, Dec 20, 2011.

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  1. So who were you thinking of the first time you pulled the head off it?


    33490.jpeg & 1305784228640.jpg

    Marianne Faithfull
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  2. Bigbird and Sluggy intertwined.

    Sorry, I thought you meant today...
  3. Photos?????
  4. Yes a winning combination. Never been able to eat a Mars Bar without smiling since!

    Sorry forgot. Me? My mate's mum. She was grey ay 35. Never had the courage to ask if collar and cuffs matched.
  5. It's really not so much 'Sluggy entwined' more along the lines of 'Sluggy engulfed'!

    I'm like a gigantic rose-scented macrophage with come to bed eyes and a hairy chin!!!
  6. Photos???
  7. I was in Norfolk and it was of my mumnansister type of relative
  8. Marissa Ce###y...she was a hot little sixth former who used to be on my bus, I was a 3rd year oik.
  9. Yes, incest is quite normal in Norfolk and indeed throughout east anglia. Perhaps you should stick to frapping, you wouldn't want to saddle your sister with a Yarmouth Bloater now would you.

  10. Jo-Guest-22.JPG "Peerless" Jo Guest.
  11. ImageUploadedByARRSE1324420602.813232.jpg

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  12. Sluggys legs are hairier.
  13. Photo please, preff in tattered St Trinians attire.......
  14. Some moll in an old penthouse mag. No idea of her name. Pages were all glued together when I was finished.