Fisrt Aid BFAT BCDT (what ever!) presentation....

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by bibo_boy, Jun 20, 2005.

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  1. Morning,

    Along time ago.....

    I once witnessed a powerpont presentation of Battlefield first aid.

    It contained things like "what is first aid?" types of burns, breaks, etc....

    I'm putting some stuff together for recruits and wanted to get hold of this.


  2. Your unit should hild the BCDT package with everything in it. If not they need o demand a new one.
  3. Just go to your Training Wing Matey and they should have the New MATT3 training pack with powerpoint slides and word docs, Failing that go and give this e-mail a try--
    Tel mil-9380 65465
    civ-02392 765465
    And ask for Nick Cantrelle
    Good Luck :lol:
  4. There should be nothing to put together. The lessons are issued at sub unit lesson in the form of the BCDT MATT training pack and the lessons taught to recruits (By a qualified BCDT Instructor) are contained in the CSM(R)TA 06 CTP. References for the BCDT training at recruit level are as follows;

    A. Military Annual Training Tests 3, dated April 2006.
    B. Battlefield Casualty Drills Aide Memoir Army Code 71638.
    C. Voluntary Aid Societies First Aid Manual ISBN 0-7513 –0399-2.
    D. UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines.
    E. TP0046 Battlefield casualty Drills Lesson Pack
    F. JSP 539 - Climatic Injuries In The Armed Forces: Prevention and Treatment 2003.
  5. From a reliable source, Nick Cantrelle is a big fat medic and knows f uck all.

    I thank you.
  6. Time of the month Dale? or just a medic with standards? :lol:
  7. The large chap that goes by the initials N C is a big fat f*** but I am sure he is NOT a medic, I believe he has a background from another (TA) capbadge. He is a walting cnut and an admin vortex. I do not know how he managed to get the post he is in, fat idle STAB.
  8. That page is no longer available but I looked at the equipment, vehicles and weaponry our guys have today. We'd literally have killed to get it, we'd been asking for most of it for years.