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Ol' Bubba rows his skiff out into the middle of the lake, gets himself settled, lays 6 stick of dynamite across the front seat, opens his box of kitchen matches.

One by one, he lights each fuse, tosses the dynamite into the lake, waits for the muffled explosion, rows over and picks up the dead fish.

Well, as you can imagine, waiting for him at the boat dock is the DNR Wildlife Officer.



"You gonna go fish in the morning?"


"You care if I go with you?"

"Nope. Be here at daylight."

Daylight comes, Bubba launches his little craft and he and the W.O.
row out into the middle of the lake.

Bubba lays out six sticks of dynamite and opens his box of kitchen matches.

"Bubba," says the W.O. "If you light that dynamite and toss it in the lake, I'm gonna confiscate your boat, motor, trailer, truck, all your fishing gear and I'm gonna toss you in jail until Monday week when the Magistrate is in town."

Bubba doesn't say a word. He picks up one of the dynamite sticks, lights the fuse and hands it to the W.O.

"You gonna talk or you gonna fish?"
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