Fishing - real fishing not bloody chat.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by HarPingWun, Jun 13, 2013.

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  1. How many fishermen have we got in ARRSE?
  2. I love fishing, but save it up to visit Canada once a year, pike, muskies, walleye, perch, bass, catfish...... sometimes in the same session.

    I go over to the sea once in a while, catch very little, no interest in catching fish from ponds where they have names.
  3. I envy your Canada trip! I do boatman for a famous west of Ireland hotel , this week looks promising local wisdom has it "first flood of june brings the grilse in, the rains here, heres hoping the salmon arrive.
  4. I get smashed out my tree with a fishing rod in hand, does that count?

    Tend to fish the sea, its free.

  5. It's nothing special, mate.

    I stay with friends in Ottawa, we fish almost in the middle of town, but the river must be almost a mile wide near Shirleys Bay and the fishing is wonderful.

    Up river above the hydro- dam, I caught an 18lb muskellunge on my second day's attempt.

    A 100 miles away at their cottage on a lake, we were catching bass and perch on super- light tackle 50 yards out on the lake, last time there, on an evening return, I spotted a huge shoal of "splake" a spring/ lake trout hybrid, feeding on the surface.

    This time, I'm taking my fly tackle as well.

    You don't have to pay thousands for a "Robson Greene" it's a wonderful place, and they take great care of their fish- stocks
  6. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Yep. if its wet and its got fish in it I'll fish it.
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  7. Well if that's "nothing special" I don't know what?
    anyway always fancied the log cabin type of thing where you have to be choppered up to the arsehole of nowhere, but the bears would un nerve me, I'd be a bit of a girl in that respect.
    I only use the fly.
  8. Might be expensive, but it is truly adventurous and beats Robson Green hands down:
  9. Just to digress a bit...does anyone else find robson green an irritating girly twat? I just couldn't spend a day fishing with him.
  10. Fly fish the sea, with light tackle

    Just to really see myself off
  11. sea trout in the estuary is a good way to spend the day
  12. New to this Fishing lark, forty sov's and a friendly Tackle Shop got me out same day. On the beach with a 12 footer and mackerel for bait , about five minutes walk away. Hard life, somebody's got to do it. Night fishing next.

    The Totally Awesome Fishing Show - YouTube
  13. I've done a couple of week long trips with my buddy and his friends to Lake Temagami ( about 8 hours drive) and two to the Gouin Reservoir, (about 16 hours drive) the last 4 hours on gravel in 4 by 4's and they were trips of a lifetime.

    Moose, bear, foxes, red injuns, the whole thing, but they are a young man's thing.

    The last time was Ottawa and outskirts, out around Plevna, humdrum stuff by their standards, but EASY, if you can try it, there's lots of awesome stuff (by our standards) a short ride from Toronto.
  14. Love the idea of fishing because I'd like to prepare and cook what I catch (so sea fishing only). Unable to get away for long at the moment because of family commitments but I like the idea of beach casting or pier fishing (was violently ill last time I went on a boat) so any advice on these hotspots would be welcome (also need someone interested enough to go with me :))
  15. Aye,that's why he's toon.