Fishing pah ! Dont tell me about fishing !

Just down the towpath from my boat I spotted a floating fishing rod, quite unusual because it was swimming towards me, I got the rod out and this was on the end of it, nipped back to my shed where there is a landing net and scales which I've already found before and pulled out Moby Dick, no idea what it is a carp probably? ( I'm not a sex offender so have no interest in fishing ) 1.67 kg, now released back to where it should be. No effort by me and a catch any fisherman round here would give their right nut for and I got a free telescopic spinning rod thrown in.

I'm calling it a good days fishing.


This all sounds like a pretty elaborate story just to tell us all you have taken up fishing.

Nice find on the rod though, and well done for putting the fish back. I've been fishing for 25 years now and have only once taken a fish, because it was hooked through the head.
I watched 'Monster Carp' on telly last night. Jeez no wonder those carp are so fcuking fat with the amount of boilies and shit the anglers dump in around the swim areas.

Was a good watch though to be fair. The presenters are nutters, very funny.

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