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10/04/2007 16:35:20
Faye Turney is my role model

Faye is a delightful example of none size zero women having great success in life.It just goes to show-you do not have to live a life on lettuce to make the front pages!Her heroic leadership and commitment to her country has almost inspired me to sign on the dotted line.Her behavior has served the issue of WRENs at sea a great victory
I do hope Mr Blair sees fit to recognise her acheivments and grace her with the reward she truly deserves.
No wonder the new carriers on order are late they can't decide how big to make then to accomodate all the moose's that will be on board.

What happened to minimum fitness levels/
No, no, no! I have been known to be lacking in the scruples department during my depraved sexual life but that would require enough Stella to put me in a coma.....even if we were neighbours on a two house estate on a desert island.
the_matelot said:
Biscuits_AB said:
I'd be up her like a rat up a drain pipe, on fire and choking on warfarin.
Me too.

I'm proving foam just thinking about it :D
This is disgusting :!: How could you, I think that........................... No... wait a minute .... strange trouser feelings ..... Oh OK then. if I must :twisted:
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