Fishing In The Med

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Eric Shawn, May 7, 2011.

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  1. Was just wondering if anyone had ever done a bit of fishing in the Med at all as I will be heading out to Northern Spain, bits of Southern France and I will be taking the rod to try my luck. If anyone's been out, knows what there is for catching or what setups to use I'd really appreciate it :)

    Also if there are any rivers/lakes you know of in the South of France that are good for fishing I'd be interested to know too :)
  2. All the sea fishing close to the coast is shoite, as with much of the med, due to intense commercial pressure. Also, water clarity is real high, meaning delicate end tackle needed. Decent worm baits hard to come by in France, and very expensive. Tiny ragworm type verre de chinoise cost the earth.

    Freshwater and coastal lagoon fishing in southern france excellent, with wide variety of species. Mullet are your best bet for sport, I've even caught them 100 miles from the sea.

    Reader's Digest do an old, but good book (my bible) called 'Guide des Parcours de Peche en France'. If you can get one on ebay its a fabulous guide (if you can read basic french).
    I'll post again with a bit more datail.
  3. You will need a rod.
  4. Coastal fishing - Light rod, size 16 hooks X 4 or 5, bread roll. Make a leader consisting of the hooks spread over about 18 inches of line. Embed hooks into half roll, and carefully wind some line around roll to prevent it flying off when casting. Dunk roll in water to give added casting weight and then cast.

    Good for Grey Mullett, Sea Bream/Melinora - the water will appear to boil around roll while fish attack it. Grey mullett has extremely soft lips, so are notoriously difficult to land.

    Once you land small fish you can use them as bait for bigger things.....
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Could get lucky :) and catch a tiburón blanco (Carcharodon carcharias)

    I caught this but couldnt get it off the beach :)


    it made a hell of stink over christmas 2007
  6. Will start with some advice: Make sure you get a permit if you are freshwater fishing - available from sporting goods stores, cafés and tourist offices.

    From the tone of your message you are in Département 66 (Pyrénées-Orientales) somewhere around Perpignan. If that is the case you may like to consider Font Romeu - Vallée de la Têt, Capcir - Haute vallée de l'Aude, Cerdagne - Cerdanya. All these areas have numerous lakes with the possibility of catching Truite Fario, Omble chevalier, Saumon de Fontaine, Cristivomer, Truite arc-en-ciel and Vairon. All are highly edible. PM me if you need further assistance.
  7. I prefer C4 / TNT myself.

  8. Thanks, think I might give the sea fishing a miss then and I'll look up the book, although my French is more than rusty :)

    Seems a lot of bread for grey mullet, I usually use a barbless hook as small as is sensible and enough bread to cover it or a small chunk of makerel and it usually brings good results :)
  9. Nip over the border into Catalonia... Sea & Freshwater Fishing in Barcelona, Spain - AngloINFO Barcelona, in the Barcelona region (Spain)

    Lots of grey mullet in Estartit harbour, if you walk a couple of miles along the beach, (look out for lots of German nudists as you get away from the town ) there's the river Ter, plenty of fish in there, but I'm pretty inept as a fisherman, so I didn't catch much.

    Hire a car and drive to Banyoles, huge warm (volcanic ) lake, lovely place, take swimming gear too, the water is deep blue and very comfortable to swim in.
  10. That's great to know as I'm driving down to Spain anyway, near Barcelona aswell :) I'll only be stopping off in France for a few days on the way down and back up, I just thought I'd be too hammered to fish when I'll be in Spain :) Thanks again, great info
  11. I used to fish a lot in GIB and i used the bread roll technique a lot in the summer for red or grey mullet, The roll is used as a float and just let it drift with the tide.
    You will need to use longer barb less hooks for it and it no good when the sea is choppy or its too windy. What i did use a lot with success was stinky cheese, Its surprising the variety of fish that like smelly cheese.
  12. hello again Eric. The ISBN number for that book is 2-7098-0489-1.
    FNAC is a sort of frog version of WHSmith. They would almost certainly have it. if you can't get it PM me and I'll scan a few of the Languedoc Rousillion pages for you.
    They do have it Guide des parcours de PECHE en France, votre recherche Livre avec la Fnac

    but my offer still stands.

    If you are in further North in Aude (Department 11), just below the tidal barrage at les Cabanes-de-Fleury was good for me, as recommended in the book. I had bass (loup) and gilthead bream (dourade) , and in April/May comes the run of Allis Shad.
    It is on the coast at the mouth of the river Aude about 10k from Narbonne, take the D718 from the N9 at Narbonne. N9/A9 come up from Perpignan (66).

    Bon chance! Or less formally, merde!
    Live prawn (ask for crevette vivante) recommended.
  13. Reason for the roll is that once cast you can let the tide/wind take the bait out to sea, its the float with your hooks inside.
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