Fishing for Deer - Alaska

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by DavidBOC, Nov 14, 2012.

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  1. Saw an interesting story today in my little local paper, The Tinytown Gazette (not kidding, real name) from Alaska. I checked and discovered the story was from 2 years ago in Alaska.

    A fishing captain was in his charter boat out at sea and 4 deer were swimming and approached his boat. He rescued them and brought them to shore.

    The full story is here:
    'Button' bucks gone wrong | Juneau Empire - Alaska's Capital City Online Newspaper

    If you click at the picture there are 4 pictures of the deer rescue.
    Thought this might be of interest.
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  2. If he'd managed to lip hook one of the deer using a 6/0 Kamasan hook baited with a lug worm / squid cocktail I'd have been more interested.

    Or even if he'd brought the deer safely ashore then battered them to death with a 12 ounce sinker.
  3. They are not thin on the ground here. You know what its like when you drive down a country road and you see rabbits that have lost the arguement with a car, well its like that here with deer. At the moment there are 3 on the roadside within a couple of miles of my place.

    In my garden I get around 12 visiting on most days. No Ugly, you can't bring yer gun.........the Mrs has adopted them and I have to put out deer feed every few days. They don't take them with rifles round here anyway, most go after them with a bow or crossbow. The reason being that in the semi-rural areas many of the Townships have banned the use of rifles and pistols outdoors unless specific permission is granted.

    They are so dopey that they have got used to my 9 year old running around with his mate playing nerf war that they just stand and watch.

    Bottom of the garden:


    The big fella's. One of them seem to have disappeared recently but the other now has a rack suitable for the wall:

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  4. Saw the title of this thread and thought it was a rival for "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen".
  5. Have you not heard? Deer won't touch Lug/Squid.. all they will take is that amazing wonderbait from previous years.. Bluey!
  6. No, one h'ain't Phil the Greek, you can't claim your tenner.

    As our American bretheren can attest in rural areas big gardens are normal, back until around the 50's / 60's a standard plot used to be 1 acre. My plot is 1.3 acres and the development of around 20 houses I live on jointly owns 16 acres abutting the development - thats a common feature here as the planners do not want over building in the area so they make the developers place a wedge of land into joint ownership. The wedge of land also means that wildlife like deer can wander unmolested as a no-hunting clause is incorporated into the deed for the jointly owned land.
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  7. Which is actually a very good film indeed.