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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by mark3536, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. Hello Everyone.

    Just after alittle abit of advice,I have recently bought a bait boat which has improved my catch rate however i had eurka moment recently:

    Does anyone think you could attach a GPS module to the boat, sending to a reciever unit on the bank therefore always dropping the bait in the same position every time by say a 10 fig grid.

    I have done a quick google search but there seems to be no suitable products about.

    Thanks for any answers in advance.
  2. What is wrong with a catapult, or PVA bag. IMHO i always thought that a bait boat, was a step too far technologically, just as it takes away the skill of the cast etc. Wouldn't you agree?

    It seems you want to take this another step further, and pin-point your groundbait. Less expensive would be to tie 10lb line to the back of the bait boat, and rubberband the distance, picking a rear bank/feature marker for direction. Might be a little cheaper! :D
  3. PVA bags, Catapult is soooooo yeaterday,lol. I was of your thinking, untill one of my mates let me have a go on his, then i was hooked!!! The bait presentation is superb and you can get to places where you just cant cast. Have a go and you will be hooked too.
  4. A mate of mine used a wireless CCTV camera watching a hand-held GPS unit with battery powered monitor for a similar project. Second hand stuff from 'a well known internet auction site' should do the trick.
  5. Why not try a bit of proper fishing rather than tackle collecting, camping fishing, giant goldfish feeding :D :D
  6. Well Gimp, Tackle collecting- your right, i go in a a tackle shop and my eyes light up, as for proper fishing i think its you that may need to move with the times-or get left behind!!

    if you want some free lessons i will gladly take you under my wing and show you the way!!
  7. This is my bait boat- fully repaired with additional adaptions as you can clearly see. She's a beauty isn't she.

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  8. Hmmmmm dropping tastey scents and morsels near your hook. I would enjoy the RC boat, but fishing come on, have you ever considered shooting frogs in a bucket?

    Fishing should be about deception and guile, ideally fly fishing, with a cast lure maybe.
  9. So how does the bait actually get into the water from that boat thingy, then? I used to go fishing with my uncle and loved using the cup catapult he had, although the bait often ended up on the opposite bank.

  10. leave the frogs out of this
  11. Bugsy, you will press a button or pull a lever, with some thought a 9v battery could be attached to the onboard tazer, imagine the skill in electrocuting fish. Woohoo.
  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Surely a radio controlled helicopter equipped with GPS and laser target designation is the way to go 8)
  13. ^^^^^ this :D
  14. Have you tried spodding?
  15. In the middle of the boat is a 'hopper' its bascially an area where you put groundbait, bollies etc then attach your hooklink from your rod. When the boat is over the right area you press a button on your remote control handset and a servo releases the door. All the bait plus your hooklink fall out.