Fishing at Sandhurst

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Quinn, May 7, 2013.

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  1. Morning All

    Does anyone know who to speak to about fishing one of the Trout lakes in the sandhurst grounds?


  2. The RSM enjoys a good bite.
  3. There's a nice big White House the other side of the lakes with the word "Commandant" written on the door. Just bang on the front door and ask them for a fishing license for the lakes.
  4. Does rather depend on who you are. If you are a cadet the nearest you get to the Wishstream is in denims and a rifle!
  5. FISHING!!! You want to try this place mate, we've got mudflats. Come and select your bait at eye level :)
  6. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Not true. Two guys I know well (now you're expecting an urban myth. This one is definitely not - I was best man for one and on the same Commissioning Course as both, although different company)... where was I... oh yes, fishing.... managed to go fishing on many if not all sports afternoons. One certainly had no interest in fishing at all, not sure about the other. Basically though it was chill-out time. A pack of sandwiches and sit by the lake.

  7. I was at Sandhurst pretty recently and I think 3 guys from my company were allowed to fly fish during the summer as sport on weds afternoon. One of the platoon commanders was a keen fisherman, used to be out quite often. Never quite understood it myself, ran past him one afternoon on my way to the track asked him "caught anything yet sir?" the reply was "Not really the point Mr Switchback....". I suppose it's a good way to switch off from the CC and have some time to yourself with no shouty C/Sgt!

    Good wheeze to spend the afternoon in silly trousers and a shirt having a wander round the lake.

    As for civvies, there is a fly fishing club signing in/out book in Victory college next to the Cadet signing in/out books so there must have been a fair few members!
  8. Oh, I misread the title.......from the recent crop who've turned up from the academy I'm pretty sure that "******* at Sandhurst" is the more popular pastime!
  9. I have attempted to catch fish in the 'pond' at Sandhurst back when HRH and Foggy were in residence. I was about 8 at the time and had to be pulled out again..

    Years later I fell off the rope slide but this time I was able to get myself out

    To the OP: Trilakes in Yateley have some pretty good fishing I understand.
  10. The Blackwater alongside College Town is not too bad. Can't remember who has the rights to it though. There's also a nice pond up near Broadmoor.
  11. You can get a permit through the Academy HQ and the last time I got one it was about £100 for a season. It does depend on your status, i.e. cadet, permanent stafff, civ, etc as there are different rates and eligibility criteria. There also tends to be a bit of a waiting list for some categories of membership although perm staff and cadets can usually get straight in. Unless it has changed there is a bag limit of 3 fish in any one day up to a max of 5 in a week. Closed season is very short and there are a few no fishing days such as Sovereign's Parade days. There are boats available to use on the lower lake, otherwise the Wishstream and Bathing lake are bank only. There are wild brown trout which should be returned, otherwise no catch and release.

    If you are civ I think you need an existing member to sponsor your application and finally there are a couple of social events and a couple of working partys a year.

    Hope that helps