Fishing advice for the Lakes

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by trickywoo, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. I'm off on a family holiday this week in the Lakes at Grange over Sands. When not hooning it on a motorbike (with my wife and children in the Nissan "support vehicle") I want to teach my 7 yr old son the joys of fishing. Thing is, I've only been fishing twice and that was 6 yrs ago on a trout lake in Essex. For that caper I bought a fly rod and reel and had a great time but the rod snapped ages ago. This time around, and being a tightwad, I bought a rod on Ebay last week (new) for £1.99. Looks like it's a course fishing rod ( I think). :)

    The advice I'm so clearly in need of is is it possible to fly fish from a hire boat in the Lakes? Just me, the lad and my father and then possibly hire the gear? If you know anything at all about fishing in the Lakes it would be a start! Or even about fishing. Or fish. I'm an ignorant bugger so please do try to go as easy as your no doubt infiniite patience will allow.

    Thanks for reading,


    If there are any trout reading please rest assured I shall in no way be eating you. Darling.
  2. Try Googling it, theres bound to be a tourist board or some sort of agency that is responsible for the sort of thing you're after.
  3. I took up fishing last year both fly and coarse...bored, fed up having a lunch time session with the lads, some of the lads challenged me, hardly a girlie girl I jumped to it. Despite spending many hours fishing with them I would still be every much a novice (thats probs larging it) and no way would I be doing all that flicking (casting) from a boat. With my admin, half the tackle would be at the bottom of the lake. Can you imagine trying to land a trout if your inexperenced from a boat.(not that I am accusing you of being inexperienced :clown: ) Trout are good at waggling about on the hook, when you want to eat them. (god thats sooo techical I should write a book, Fly fishing for dumb ass girls)

    Under no circumstances would I be in a boat with a child. More to do with my child allergy than them rocking the boat though and all that figeting that they get up to, says me. I suggest you fish from the bank then when sprog gets bored he can sit in on the bank and play with a thundercat or He-man or what ever the latest craze is. I am sure your child is super all the same. Children prefer fly fishing as you have to keep moving have to admit being a woman and hyper I do too. Carp are evasive we gits... fly is defo easier and less boring. However I am bored with fishing now and I have a new hobby in mind.

    One bit of advice is get the Mrs to tie your flies as if she ties or handles them she will transfer her pheromones and trout like female homones apparently. I catch more fish because I am a woman not because I am more skilled. I say balls to that. However apparently its science so the lads tell me, aha. The lads gave me a few vulgar tips on the pheromone thing but I am sure you can imagine.

    Oh and don't forget a picnic gotta keep eating havent you :thumright:

    Sorry if this was as much help as snow shows in the dessert. I was watching football and getting pissed with my fella. Gotta be up for work in less than 2 hours. :roll: Oh well think I will have another can.
  4. Canging the subject slightly, if you fancy a spot of fishing in Scotland go to
    Family Business with two well stocked reservoirs on the outskirts of Edinburgh.
  5. PS, Sorry about spelling :-(
  6. The country-life Bible The Field had a long and learned discussion about the use of female pubic hairs in the actual tackle. Seems from that that it is a fact and not suburban myth. Suppose getting supplies is more fun than digging up worms? Would not like to get too close to a sexually-aroused conger eel though? See here
  7. I stay in the Lakes alot (only 40 mins up the road) climbing mountains at the weekend so if you have not visited before here is some advice.

    1. Lots of lakes fisharies are privately owned and you will have to purchase a licence for each one.
    2. Be careful on a motorcycle. It is peak tourist season and the roads are jam packed with:

    a. Elderly people in Micras, people carriers with caravans going slowly looking for somewhere to have 'A nice cup of tea and a scone'.
    b. Irate farmers tryng to get past 'a'.
    c. Itate younger tourists trying to overtake 'b' only to find 'a' in font now.
    d. Bikers stuck behind 'a', 'b' and 'c'
    c. Be careful on the roads. The locals drive like lunatics and the tourists spend more time looking at the scenary than the roads.
    d. You will get stuck behind a moron trying to get up Hard Knock Pass towing a caravan and spewing smoke form their soon to be dead engine.

    3. The central lakes (Windermere, Ambleside etc) are packed out with tourists. the north and west less so.
    4. Try and drink as much Coniston Bluebird beer as you can. It's lovely.
  8. Try Esthwaite Water, just west of Windermere. My dad took me there about 15 years ago, and they hired out boats and all reqd fishing kit to total beginners. Great afternoon had by all.

    Didn't catch anything mind.
  9. Whilst not knowing the Lakes well, a few general points:

    1. A coarse rod will be no good for Fly Fishing.
    2. If taking children on boats make sure they are good swimmers and wear life jacket.
    3. Landing fish in boat not a problem - you just need a net.
    4. Tourist board will have details on fishing opportunities.
    5. Bank fishing on big lakes a non-starter unless you know the terrain.
    6. Beer essential (in cool bag obviously - you don't want ot be drinking warm beer do you?)
    7. A great fishing tackle shop is John Norris in Penrith but be prepared to spend more than you bargained for.
    8. Whilst I would not doubt the 'scientific' advice on female pubic hair, I have tried it for years with no success. I did once catch a trout ona fly made from the tail of a Labrador, though!

    Tight lines!
  10. I'd suggest nipping in to John norris or any other tackle shop and finding out where the small stocked trout lakes are rather than trying to fish the big lakes

    The aim of getting nippers fishing is catching some fish and a stocked pond is ideal for this

    You can probably find one which hire you the correct tackle at minimal cost and probably some coaching for you and the young/old uns


    For some likely locations

    Word of warning, best to pick up an environment agency rod licence for all those going to fish (Over the age of 12), sad but true you might only fish for one day but thats the day the bailiff will come round and catch you!!

    Fines up to 2500 GBP and a guaranteed court appearance, (actual fines aren't that high 100-150) but very embarassing for your and the kids and it stops your fishing day dead in the water , no pun intended

    You can get a licence on line

    they cost FA you can get a day one, cheap for your piece of mind

    All the best in your fishing adventure

    PS princess combat you don't arf spout some cobblers