fishheads comments of Paras and inf

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by spank_the_monkey_to_death, Oct 2, 2006.

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  1. Ought to read this, what a laugh (esp MrJizzi)...

    Paras and RM

    Oh the fish heads, the fecking worst of the bunch.....
  2. If the lad hasn't the strenght of mind to decide for himself maybe he shouldn't join either of the two.
  3. Jesus. Don't get too excited about Rum Ration. Not exactly the most popular forum going, it was infiltrated by a sexual pervert who Walted the whole board for weeks before outing himself. The board is MODd by an ex-Wren who gets into PMT-type spats with people before modifying their posts, and she invites non-Forces related mates onto the site to gang up on anyone that doesn't agree with her. It's a poor, poor imitation of ARRSE or PPRUNE, and revolves around ex-matelots telling everyone that it wasn't like that in their time, and going on (and on and on and on) about pooftahs, birds, and some shitehole called Ganges.....

    I think I'm banned, but I walked away from there a long, long time ago!
  4. I wanted to go the RM way and i even did my prmc.
    After 6 months , of wonderring is it going to give me what i want, then after i checked al the optsions , i with drew my application and put one in for the army , the rifles. will give you more scope .
  5. Paras,Marines,Line Infantry,we all do Area Cleaning !!! :)
  6. I am an ex bootie (standing by for incoming!!!!) and much prefer arrse to rum ration, far funnier.
    Also get sick of matelots answering Royals questions and sounding chuff.
    Plus they plague the site with shit dits and wander on to Royals forum giving people advice on infantry skills/drills etc and genrally just being WALTS, rant over.

    Apologies for wandering on to your site
  7. I hate to say it, but as a Matelot I find Arrse much, much, more fun. Maybe it's the escapism- I don't really want to talk Jack in my time off.
  8. And stag on :)

  9. I've heard that about you lot ?

    mi casa es tu casa

    (that's Jonny Mexican for You're Welcome)

    ... but don't start dripping about the state of the heads or the gopping scran in the galley ...
  10. Agree completely with all the above.

    I saunter over there every now and again and repeatedly run into cringeworthy shoite posting of the highest order

    However "recce" you can STFU with your wordly wisdom on things military

    comeback when you have a real opinion you can share with us (perhaps if you pass basic training)

    Necky tw@
  11. The reason why bootnecks took over from 3 Para in the helmand was as with kosovo and Barras we needed some one to pick up the brass
  12. Couldn't move for brass in Kosovo! :roll: