Fishers of Men(Rob Lewis)

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by topcat68, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. Anybody read this book? and if so is it any good?
  2. The one about the FRU? Not bad, but very different to most of the SAS Porn; the author was not involved in any contacts(or at least, he does not write about them).

    Quite interesting. Makes a change from the usual SF books. The Operators by Gordon Rennie(IIRC)is also a good read if you are interested in the Army Spooks.
  3. Cheers Frank,yeah that's the one,just seen it on ebay for a couple of quid and wondered if it was worth adding to my library.
  4. grab it while you can...they're pretty rare as they've been taken out of print...a good read
  5. No worries, TC. And yeah, I'd definately recommend it; I think it's the only book writen by a member of the Force Research Unit. I wonder if the FRU was absorbed by the new SRR, along with 14Int?
  6. Try also:

    Davies, N. (1999): Ten-Thirty-Three: The Inside Storey of Britain's Secret Killing Machine in Northern Ireland, Edinburgh, Mainstream Publishing.

    Rennie, J. (1996): The Operators: On the Streets with 14 Company, London, Century Books.
  7. Hang your head in shame!

    Even by Scaley standards, that is uber-Walty!
  8. It's OK my head has been hanged long before that comment - bet it raised a giggle though didn't it?

  9. Fair One! :D
  10. No it wasnt, the FRU was "disbanded"
  11. Interesting. Thanks for that.
  12. Another book I'd recommend, though on a slightly different subject is COLD ZERO, by a former sniper with the FBI's elite HuRT(Hostage Rescue Team).

    The author, Christopher Whitcomb, was a former professional scriptwriter for politicians before deciding to get a proper job and work for a living. His experiance shows; the book is well written, if a little gung ho.

    The book includes details of HuRT's very tough Selection and an insider's view of the FBI's most infamous missions: Ruby Ridge and Waco.

    Out of print now but you should be able to finda copy on Amazon etc. Well worth a read.
  13. Didn't it get re-named 14Int??

    Another good book is, "The Dirty War", forget the pair of authors names at the moment. Lent the book out ages ago and haven't had it back.
  14. Nah, mate - even I know that 14Int and FRU were two completely seperate units.

    Standing by to be corrected, but I think 14Int came under the DSF, while FRU was part of the Green Slime(though not all members were Int).