Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by boney_m, Dec 25, 2004.

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  1. If anyone lives in the JHQ area and wants some tropical fish, drop me a PM.

    I'm leaving on the 6th of Jan and have several to give away to a good home.

    There's 1 black thingy
    3 silver stripped thingys
    a slack handful of fantails
    one yellow thingy
    and a sucker thingy

    Free to a good tank


  2. Flush them! Go them!!

    (Haven't any of your neighbours got cats?)
  3. They did have a couple, unfortunately one of them hung itself on the tilt and slide double glazing. I stopped pissing myself for a couple of minutes to feel sorry for the bloody meowing rat.

    Come on mate, think of the wittle fishey's :lol:

  4. Pop them into a jar of vinegar, see if it has any effect? Just say that it's in the name of science.
  5. So you're an experienced keeper then Boney :roll:

    I would have them but I live about 1000 miles away, and it's a bit of a drive :?
  6. I admit to having absolutely no clue. I've just become a slave to cleaning and feeding the bloody things

  7. Look into my eyes 8O You are feeling very sleep, very sleepy. Kill them, they hate you, go on, kill them.......the stripey one said you were a poof and had no bottle..........kill him last.
  8. Jezzzzzuz, you must be bored on Christmas Day Lardarrse, How many posts today and all crap like the above. Are you on your lonesome? Never mind. Baldy.
  9. Pot and kettle spring to mind 8O
  10. One to comment. Quiet civvie.
  11. Thats the point - I wasnt commenting on it - you were - thick CIVVY truckie
  12. Well, well, well, another bitter and twisted person, albeit civvie. Are you too on your lonesome Moody? Join the ranks of your mate Lardarrse and his Village People mates Gordie Woman and Door Brick. Have a foursome double chin!
  13. lol! Actually I am sat at home with all my family - I have 4 brothers in case you'd like to meet them) son is watching some shoite on TV and the rest of us are pis we may be sad to post on here on xmas day - but - and correct me if I'm wrong....but aren't you doing EXACTLY the same thing?

  14. Oh dear old are you HGVTOO.....please, if you inist on pming me again at least think of something more original to say than just moooooooooooo

    What a fecking spastic! Great laff though I am having - keep it up prick
  15. Yeah, I bet you are Moody, I bet you are. Join the ranks of the Lardarrse and his mates. Lonely!