Fish With Human Teeth

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Chief_Joseph, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. Not good. Can't see a thing bar a log on page.
  2. Chief, looks like you have to sign in?
  3. Really? Most people I know don't have that problem. Sorry :oops:
  4. Would you be so kind as to give me a clue about what the article is about?
  5. no joy for me either.
  6. It's a video. Some guy finds an African fish in a lake in Colorado, and it has human-like teeth
  7. Chief. Have you got any links to pictures of the toast that landed buttered side-down, and when the disappointed toast eater picked it up, there before him was a vision of the virgin Mary? Failing that have you got any links to amusingly shaped vegetables?

    ps. What's an African fish doing in Colorado?

    pps. How do you know it's African?
  8. Might this be a restriction on non US ISPs? Cany any other Yanks use that link?
  9. Save a picture of it Chief_Joseph I wana see this beastie :eek:
  10. I guess it'll be cross between Janet Street Porter and a trout.
  11. we had a fish with human teeth at 1 queens LAD in Minden, he was a Recy Mech.
  12. We're not customers, that's why!

  13. No sh*t sherlock :eek:

    Still waiting to see this Ronaldo fish,

    Were the hell did that man go, he sets up a promising topic then leaves us in the shadows
  14. Aha!

    Chief are you a customer? If so are most of the people you know customers? :D