Fish With Human Teeth

Really? Most people I know don't have that problem. Sorry :oops:
no joy for me either.
It's a video. Some guy finds an African fish in a lake in Colorado, and it has human-like teeth
Chief. Have you got any links to pictures of the toast that landed buttered side-down, and when the disappointed toast eater picked it up, there before him was a vision of the virgin Mary? Failing that have you got any links to amusingly shaped vegetables?

ps. What's an African fish doing in Colorado?

pps. How do you know it's African?
Save a picture of it Chief_Joseph I wana see this beastie :eek:
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We're not customers, that's why!
Tartan_Terrier said:
We're not customers, that's why!

No sh*t sherlock :eek:

Still waiting to see this Ronaldo fish,

Were the hell did that man go, he sets up a promising topic then leaves us in the shadows
sooo what have the hillbillies been getting off with the fish and we are ment to be shocked, i aways throught it was just normal there.
Chief_Joseph said:
Alright, I found it. It has the same video attached to the Article. I was wrong about the fish being African, it's South American. In any case, it doesn't belong in Colorado

The Pacu is available in the Amazon and widely sold to Aquarists. Bet the owner was nipped and threw the thing away in disgust.

One fish I came across when in the Berbice area of Guyana was known locally as 'Crocodile'. The thing had spiky teeth and armoured scales and about 8" long. The locals wrapped it in an edible reed and boiled it - really tasted nice.
Picking the arnoured scales from the teeth was a task though. The dish was called 'Crocodile and sticks'.


Blimey!! That could start a lot of heated debates in theological circles not to mention a couple of bad sci fi movies.

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