Fish of Allah

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ironrations, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. Be afrid.....very afraid....

    Utter nutter ....complete fruit loop alert.....alert.....alert....alert.......

    (makes noises like R2D2 and falls over)
  2. FFS, theres probably a fish somewhere that has the Cyrillic script for "arse-biscuits" as a scale pattern, it doesnt mean that Father Jack is omnipotent though.
  3. As a footnote to my previous post, look out for goldfish with this emblazoned on their sides.

    Без перевода
  4. As long as it keeps them busy.
  5. Jeez!

    Thought for a second it would be one of those born again cod wearing a turban....
  6. Reminds me, I must get another bag of spuds from Tesco's...
  7. theres always something fishy going on with muslims

    is that my coat , thanks, is that the exit door ?
  8. I think this might be an April Fool!!
  9. all bolloks
  10. If so then it's very poor form, seen as the article is 4 days old.
  11. This was reported in Practical Fishkeeping mag a few months ago. The fish were on sale at a tenner each & the seller was quick to pile on a £750 aquarium to ensure thier wellbeing. The bloke duly paid that for what are a messy & pain in the arse fish to keep. The trouble is they may show the signs of allah now, but in a few months thier markings will change. I for one would piss myself it it changed to Richard the lionheart or something like that !!!!!

    Regards LT.