Fischer cable for data terminals

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ranger7703, Jan 28, 2012.

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  1. Hey all... I'm looking for anyone who can help with a small problem..

    I'm looking to connect a keyboard and normal mouse to my data terminal in my landrover but can't get a Fischer cable from the stores, apparently stores are for storing lol.

    I've heard of people making their own ones but I don't have a clue where to start.
    Any help would be great

    Ranger7703 (David)
  2. its not legal but its your life, if like the idea of being behind bars

    otoh if youve lost /broken yours and are attemtpign to save a few quid

    then you might like to start here

    USB Buccaneer. IP68 Waterproof USB V2.0 Connector system for data rates upto 480Mbs, by Bulgin Components.

    fischer cable | eBay

    Fischer Connectors | Circular Connectors - Push-Pull Connectors

    but getting caught with illegal mods is a courts martial offence so i wouldnt advise it, in fact its generally just better to go with what your issued especially where crypto stuff is concerned
  3. If your CIS stores have Fischer cables but won't issue you one then maybe you don't need one for your job? Besides, why would you want to have a civvy mouse and keyboard in a truck, they'd get broken pretty quickly.
  4. I'd like a civvy mouse and keyboard for when we remote the kit out to a cp or into BG main... Just makes it soo much easier to work from
  5. then go with the ip68>usb adapter, it has the bonus of not buggering up you peripherals if you also wnated normal operationg capacity when in baracks, the thing i dont get is how your going ot run it past the brass, i mean the operating regualtions for bowman are quite specific that illegal or unsanctioned additions or changes to the hardware provided unless explicitly allowed in the operating and usage guidance notes (the user handbook but i cant rember the jsp number) your facing serious jail time, you might get away with it if you fill in the required paperwork and can justify the requirement for more userfreindly and ergonomic kit, hell if you can justify it theres a good chance they will provide it free through the system...
  6. You can get civvy mice a keyboards issued for use with udts.
  7. Serious jail time for buying a cable? Unless the issue version is obviously different from what he buys I doubt he's facing an A job on his next second line never mind Colly.
  8. thats changed since i did the map n nokia cl1/admin/manager cse's then they said they were thinking about maybe implimenting it in time but there wasnt enough cash to buy the connectors out of the project budget back then

    then again i did my level best after doing those cse's not to touch that pile of shite, it was like instant carear death for most non scalies and i wasnt keen on chcking if it would apply to me as well....
  9. Having non-issued kit in a green wagon has always been a no-no but it's always happened. I can't see anyone going to jail for using their own USB cable though. Told to remove it if it was noticed yes but that's it.
  10. the issue comes from the fact that a data device can be added to the network, an insecure dongle can be added and anynumber of other nefarious acts may be facilitated via civ kit wether intended by the instigating person or not, which is why it was all regarded as special equipment during my thankfully limited time working with it, although there was at least one incidence of a tech in base repair getting thown out over breaching security rules, and he was only doing bench evaluations on broken kit, still as with all things i guess there considerd secret or higher clearnace untill theve been in service for a few years, and then just secret for the maintainers, mayhaps thats why the radio store used ot have stupid security posters everywhere which everyone ignored XD
  11. WOW, good job no one else does it then, he will be easily identifiable as the only person in the Army who has a fischer cable! FFS i used to have half a dozen in my bottom draw as RSO and all signalers had one. I guess we will all go to hell in the end!
  12. When we did our Bowmanisation we were encouraged to buy Fischer cables by the instructors, we were also told we could buy over the shoulder cables for 355 and 325s, I believe later on the Army even allowed for people to claim back money for such cables, though I've never met anyone who has tried it.
  13. Bloody hell guys it's only a Fischer cable... My OC said he used to have one. Surely it ain't illegal to have one as they are issued... But I'd just like to have my own as its a nightmare to get through the system where I'm based....

    Also while talking about this... Has anyone got an idea how to connect the SSARF to bowman kit so you can send the thermal images?
  14. why would you be encouraged to buy something that was already part of the BOM ?

    asside from your instructors perhaps realising your probably going ot loose /break the serialised bit of crap cable your issued with and thus encouraged you to purchase soemthing you can swap for the real item without the need for a regi entry on a p class bit of kit....

    seriously i never understand how some units ever managed to do anything without even adhering ot hte basic regs on storage maint usage and issue of kit, its not wonder hqlf was going ape for almost 2 years trying ot get units to account for bowman, even trying ot get units to go right down ot every nut /bolt/washer/cable clip or tie wrap in place on each install (i remember the rather animated conversation(s) when that one came out) not to mention all the cables are serialsied at least on paper at point of issue, i bet those blokes were getting a cut of the profits from all the cables sold as a result of all the mugs buying htem
  15. When we were Bowmanised fischer cables either ACD -> civvy computer or USB -> UDT were either not availabe through the system or were in such short supply at the time that we (as a unit) did not get issued any, though eventually we could demand them.

    The over the shoulders cables for the 355 and 325 are still not available throguh the system as far as I'm aware, though I don't know anyone who has actually bothered to buy one of these.