First World Problems of the day!

If you were on your way back to UK then you weren't at a duty free. You were in a shop that sells stuff for about the same as you can buy it from a supermarket in UK (except for fags) and for way more than you could have bought it from a supermarket or bodega outside the airport.
Next time pay for hold luggage and fill that up with booze from outside so you don't have to carry a plastic bag on the plane.
Flying back from Lisbon a few weeks ago , fancied a tot or two of Scotch , not wanting to pay Airport bar prices decided to buy a couple of small bottles from the duty free.

They put them in a plastic bag and sealed the thing? Bag had a warning that if opened the contents might be confiscated?

Opening the bag and adding the Johnny Walker red to my water thinking they can confiscate my piss if they want too .

What is the plastic bag thing about?
I usually fill up about 3 of the 100ml plastic bottles with white wine, at home, then in the resealable snappy bag, to go in my flight bag.

Never had a knockback yet....... there's 15 quid saved.

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