First Woodcock

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by foodie, Nov 16, 2011.

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  1. Well I shot my first woodcock on Saturday on the first drive of the day, followed up quickly by my second on the next drive. Shame it wasn't a left and right but both were healthy specimens and are now hanging in the garage prior to plucking. I've pulled the pin feathers and waiting on a pin to be delievered so I can superglue them to the back.

    Looking forward to a good days beating on Saturday, it really is a shame that none of the other regular guns don't turn out on their days off to help in the line. hey ho.
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  2. RIP Woodcock,I to look forward to a good beating on Saturday with the wife!
  3. I do miss the shooting in Germany. Couldn't get any in UK. Bugger all here worth talking about, although I did see a magnificent Peacock in the jungle a couple of weeks back.
  4. I saw a totally black pheasant in somerset. that was the one an only time I saw one, I think they are called " priests" but I may be incorrect.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Well done on the woodcock, I have flushed a few already (I'm sure we have native ones) but none have made their way into the bag yet. I will take a gun along this saturday as usual but I rarely take it out as I find more pleasure working the dogs. I spent a great day on tuesday filling feeders and re hanging buggered ones. Our little shout has something like 52 feeders now!
    Anyway I digress good luck getting the guns out to work, I can usually rely on 3 out of the 12!
  6. It seems that there are 2 of about 30 guns that rock up on a regular basis! Saying that the guns do normally bring kids and wives along to complement the beating line. I always walk with a gun when I'm out beating on this shoot as so much goes backwards and none of the old buys walking can move quickly enough to turn round safely and get a shot off. I've had 2 going backwards this year so far!
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I got into running a shoot from beating, then back gunning then just keepering and managing the whole thing. I do appoint a shoot captain from the guns and try and rotate this between them. They have to deal with the lease but I do all the work with help from beaters and the odd gun. As the beaters know that the gift of free shooting is mine to give they tend to work harder than the guns!
    Funnily enough every year there is a waiting list of guns regardless of the abuse I give them and we often drop the odd ones who are more trouble than worth to ensure new blood comes into the sport!
  8. Just back from a kick around the Trg Area , Bag was 1 Pheasant Cock, 2 Woodcock, 6 bungees, 3 arc markers, 1 web-tex bivvi pole, 1 Digital watch, and two sets of ear defence, Recruits don't you just love them!!!. Have now got more bungees that when I was in.
  9. They do breed in the UK, I remember quite a while ago seeing (& hearing) a Woodcock "roding" one spring when I had taken my young sons camping in the Trough of Bowland!
    I always used to feel a little guilty after shooting them, they are such a small bird & have so little meat on them to eat, which always seemed to taste of kidney! Mind you I would have loved to get a brace with both barrels thus getting into the "Woodcock club"
    I also notice that many gundogs seem to have difficulty retrieving them, often walking right over downed birds. I started taking great care at marking their fall after seeing a few missed by dogs!!
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Well yesterday we bagged our first ones, not up to our usual level (wags day last year netted 11) but we put two in the bag before tea break and they looked very good;

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  11. some roadkill you got there, mugs,drawings and everything!