First Woman to head the TUC...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tuffy52, Jul 10, 2012.

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  1. The TUC have appointed Frances O'Grady as the first female leader of their organisation,will it make any difference?...
    Oh,and would you?....

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  2. I'd put it out to ballot before deciding.
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  3. That will still give you the opportunity to manipulate the figures to give the decision you want.
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  4. Best only to negotiate with her on 3 weeks of every month then
  5. If we go back to beer and sandwiches at No 10 then we'll need some port & lemon or Babycham for her. In fact sod that, she should know her place among the Unions & can make the sandwiches.
  6. You are not going to be cunt struck negotiating with that fucking Marxist horror.........those teeth would make your foreskin look like you were circumsized with a ragged tooth shark if she was to suck you off (how do you think she got were she is to day!!

    I have done worse!!

    Move this to the NAAFI.......nothing good is gonna come out of this!!
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  7. Trade union member's......just sheep, blame the govt for all your woes...........well at least you have a proper sheepdog to get you lot striking...!!! If you don't like you Ts & Cs improve them by getting a better job, not relying on half wit Unions to do your poor bidding for you!!
  8. Never heard that phrase before.
  9. You do know about collective bargaining? I could just see every employee of the largest employer trotting down to the dept of health to bargain individually.
  10. You should know your bloody place, take what you're given & be thankful :wink:
  11. Can honestly say that I really haven't done worse.

    That said, teeth whitening is pretty cheap these days and I'd give it another chance if it had it done.
  12. Truth is Jarrod, if you and thousands like you voted with your feet, you would find your benefits increase, but currently unions have about as much strength as a flacid dick (ask LLECH's MRS).

    Joe public has his own financial problems so no public support or sympathy, how many days could UNISON or any TUC members last on strike.....not many, the reason why the miners held out so long was through bullying by its thug members
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  13. looks like has shite for toothpaste & drinks mackison dark
  14. Collective bargaining means a lot of slackers get the same as those who are efficient. Any idea why both sides employer/employee in the private sector dislike this method.
  15. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    If you wish to discuss the mind bending qualities of the first woman to head the TUC crack on. If all you want to do is make crass comments of someone who reminds me of a Bovvy hop hopeful it will be binned/moved/ depending on mood.