First Woman takes command of a Navy Warship

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jan 29, 2004.

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    Well done her, but Nelson must be spinning like a top.

    Mind you, not the first time the Navy has taken the lead.

    Seem to remember reading about the Royal Navy being the first Military service to appoint a Black man to command of a Warship, a Frigate to be exact.

    ...and that was in 1798.
  2. just wait till her navigating officer crashes her into something the tabloids will have a field day.
  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    HMS Brecon isn't a warship, it's a poxy minehunter. HMS Cardfiff and Invincible are WARSHIPS. Women have been IC the small things for ages, why the 'gasps' Its hardly 'Master and Commander'
  4. first commands usually are small ships like Minehunter though isn't brecon one of the NIPS vessels
  5. I have no problem with women in command. The Navy usually appoints the right Officer as the "old man" or in this case "young woman".

    There is a problem with the Telegraph's reporting though.

    So now the "smugglers of explosives" know a lot about the CO of the minor war vessel that gives them the sh1ts.

    Hopefully Nurse is correct and Brecon is not NIPS.

    Enrolled :?: She joined the Royal Navy, not a pottery class at the church hall.

    No sh1t 8O But if Telegraph readers need a history lesson they could have added; "over the French!" :D

    Alas, the Telegraph have muppets working for them like every other news media. Even with John Keegan and Toby Harnden on the staff, they make some howlers on matters naval/military/crustacean. Howlers to some but unfortunately the public take it as gospel.
  6. Sorry Nurse, confused
    with: Brecon is'nt. :oops:

    So confused in fact, I could be a journalist. :wink:
  7. Your confusion may, of course, be subconscious.