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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by crosbunny, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. Could anyone tell me how these first weekends go, chatted to a couple of guys who have just done it and they said it's tough.. what exactly happens from you turn up. how are the exercises done the saturday etc
  2. Depends which first week end, are you referring to the TAFS which are done centrally or are the old style 2 weekender TAFS?
  3. Sorry should have made myself clearer I meant the selection weekend think that's what it's called
  4. I'd also be interested to know what the script is, if its anything like the regular entrance test?
  5. Written Entrance test, fitness tests (push ups, sit ups, risk reduction run), Command Tasks x 2, Military activity (mine was running in NBC clobber, great eh? very unpleasant), a what is the British Army lecture type thing and that was about it. And there are lots of press ups and little runs in between all of that too ;o) all good. Enjoy

  6. Selection weekends are designed to see if you are suited to the TA. Also to identify if the TA is suited to you. Go along with an open mind and give every task your best effort. Then come back on after you have returned and tell us how it went. Where are you attending the weekend?.
  7. Back in the 80s, mine was similar but more of it,

    Written entrance test, Phys(pushups, situps, squat thrusts, shuttle runs), Map reading test, 3 mile run, This is what the Army is lecture, Command tasks.

    If you scored fairly well overall you got dragged aside on the second day for a "chat" with the boss, and then watched fairly closely through training for possible occifer training.
  8. First thing I had to do was march round the drill hall shouting out the SS
    motto the csm was a tad eccentric :biggrin: .Then it was a physical fitness tests .Stretcher race regimental history lesson interview and a medical where i got various vaccinations and got a sour look from the medic for asking what i was getting :).
    Recruits today have it so easly blah blah blah enjoy it .
  9. Sweatysock it's in ilford, hopefully joining the sigs
  10. My Honour is Loyalty? Meine Ehre Heist Treue :cyclopsani: Spotter mode off.

    It isn't that hard mate, stop worrying about it. Its only an initial assessment.
  11. Just ask the recruit team at the centre they will tell you exactly what is involved.
  12. Its piss easy mate, just turn up fill in forms/tests have a couple of lectures, then a nice run and you're back home!
  13. Yep, thats pretty much what we did a few months ago - a few bone lectures, a few videos, some drill, a basic kit issue, interview with the PASO and then the run and press up etc. Oh and the tick test and a medical.
    No big drama really, all very relaxed.