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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by merriman, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. Apologies if this is repetitive but I couldn't find a similar thread.

    I'm going on my 1st weekend next week. Does anyone know what this usually entails?
  2. Try a forum search for RTC first weekend

    I transferred straight from the acf as a sgt so didnt have to do one :D
  3. Is this selection (No green kit, haven't been attested yet) or Phase 1/TSC(A) (Green kit issued, sworn an oath etc) you're referring to?
  4. This is TSC(A), I've done selection and got all my kit etc
  5. Have a look on here - CLICK

    When you're on there, tell reni_77 what you think of him for his disgusting comments about TA soldiers.
  6. reni_77 is obviously a wind up. Everytime someone bites he uses the "I'm starting training soon", to get the red mist to descend
  7. No shit sherlock.
  8. Your first weekend will involve your bird with the fake tits taking one up the shitter from one of her work mates, whilst you're out playing soldiers with the rest of the stabs.
    Have a good one.
  9. Well as long as i have a go before i go i dont mind
  10. Off to Grantham, perchance? I'll hazard a guess there's going to be plenty of foot drill and PT, plus a bit of death by powerpoint just to vary things - most everyone else at my unit who has done it recently did the 9-day version so I'm not sure what's first on the syllabus for the weekend-based version.
  11. Going by the other news today first weekend = last weekend.....
  12. sapperboy

    sapperboy Swinger SME

    Your first weekend should be good. You will get some rifle training, some PT including an aerobic fitness assessment (AFA) which is the mile and a half in under 14 mins like you would have done for your selection and a night out in a bash (combat camping). If you’re lucky, you will get some drill too......enjoy!
  13. It's my first weekend down in Strensil too.
    Only thing i don't know is what Kit to take.

    I'm sure it'll be an easy(ish) introduction into the TA.
  14. If its TSC(A) take everything you have been issued. If its selection take change of clothes, de-odorant etc, running shoes and a towel
  15. Aye, i've done thte selection weekend.

    1st weekend training recruit.

    Just didn't know what got issued when i got their etc. But i guess worst case scenario is that i'll have to carry it all around for the weekend :D