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First weekend with TA selection

Hi there

I posted on here a few days ago about the weekend selection 1.5mile run etc
I did this at the beginning of december, had loads of work etc and parties etc and did the run the other day, my god it was nearly 15 mins... don't know what happended but I've got my weekend in 8 days time and I'm worried about failing. As you aware from my previous post I'm nearly 17 stone so and 34 years old... any recs on what I can do in 8 days or is this test more of a you need to be at this level or can you actually fail.. if the PTI see's you giving it your all will you get through

any help would be most grateful. I know the next 8 days are going to be painful but I'm up for it
crosbunny, I'd say get some runs in during the next 8 days, anyhting you can do now will help on the run and etc, even if its just improving your cardiovascular a little bit.

Anythng is better than nothing
Assuming this is not a wah...

Crosbunny, I'm the same age and even heavier (big bones, yeah!); I'm running every two days without fail, and doing the situps/pressups in a consistent way; over the past few weeks my times on the run have dropped very radically. You might be able to get down to close to the standard in just a few runs (easy wins at the beginning). I have six weeks or so to go and am fairly confident of passing the bar, but am not finding it easy.

Others on here have advised not to do too much, but to keep plugging away.

So step away from the PC and get out there in the rain. And best of luck.
cheers polar gonna run myself ragged over next few days gonna do some sprint work and longer runs at weekend and hopefully scrape through. I'm getting fit as quick as my lard will allow eating well, just wasn't expecting the weekend so quick, but I'll run to I puke if I have to... by the way can you fail the weekend if you have given it your all
lastresort, not this isn't a wah, deadly serious, I've put my heart into this so gonna exercise like a nutter, by the way how heavy are you and what's your BMI just out of interest

crosbunny said:
by the way can you fail the weekend if you have given it your all
Depends on how slow you are but with a time of 15 mins I would say YES. Yu should be told to come back again. If this happens take it on the chin and show some grit and determination get fitter and come back. If by doing a bit of panic running now you save your skin and get in learn the lesson and keep the phys up.
Good Luck
cheers fellas. press ups are coming along so are the sit ups running is hard but I've given myself a mental slap so what if I'm breathing out of the Ass when I finish I've given it my best and that's it
Give it your all fella if you not breathing thru your arse at the end then you failed both the test and yourself. If you finished and you puking your boots up and fail at least you can say you gave it your best and no one should think worse of you

Good luck big fella
Fella, don't go mad at this stage; you'll only do yourself an injury by constantly training especially in the timeframe you've left yourself. Give yourself at least one day's rest between efforts. You'd be best concentrating on interval training (sprint, rest sprint etc) as it'll have the most benefit at this late stage (though it may only be a negligible amount).

At your age, you've 11mins 29 to run the PFT so as said above, give it your all on the test day.

Good luck
If you cannot be bothered to get fit enough to run 1.5 miles in 10-11 minutes I'd seriously reconsider what I was getting into.

17 stone??? How do you think your mates could casevac you without resorting to a chainsaw??

Courses run throughout the year, stop eating pies, get fit and have a go later in the year.

If that sounds harsh, tough.
Bravo_Bravo said:
17 stone??? How do you think your mates could casevac you without resorting to a chainsaw??
BB....Im the same weight, difference is, I can pass my bounty requirements. Strange, I know.

But I see your point about the casevac!
Praetorian said:
Rockhopperst4 said:
Its not a pass or fail thing untill you get to Part 1C anyhow.
I find i run much faster in a group than i do on my own.
Part 1C? Its been changed in the last 2 weeks. Back to TAFS now by the looks of it :(
RSC is the first weekend then TAFS 1 and 2 then part 1B which is eight days (or four weekends) then part 1C which is 15 days.

Well a least thats what i'm doing at the moment!

Don't worry doesn't bother me it's tough talking I need I've managed to lose half a stone in the last week just by eating healthy and exercising so no worry's about offending me.. I've got the press up's done and the sit ups almost there and run is coming along so will carry on and see

cheers and don't worry about offending the fat bloke :thumright:
hi there fella check out the new armyfit web site it is just for you ok but from a pti that works full time with the T>A> here is some advice for you
1 yes it does matter on the time at this stage you need to be cracking the 14 min barrier to progress through your recruits courses
2 the comment about the cum faces as you run in and the pti turning a blind eye is shit so dont listen to them ok its 14mins or go home and keep running ok
3 just to let you know it gets harder cause you are aiming for around 11 mins on completion of your training so keep at it fellas and good look ok
see you at the barracks for your r.r.r. on your 1a (1) your 1a (2) and your part 1b and your 1c
and remember keep running

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