First Week of Phase 1 Training

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by nottotouchtheearth, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. Hi I start start at Pirbright Jan 3rd. Been through some threads and cant find anything bout the 1 st week of phase 1 training so thought id start me own one just want a few inputs from everyone has experienced this, heard a few rumours that its like a freshers week at Uni??

    What paper work do you fill out
    What meidcals do they do
    When does the physical stuff begin

    Kind regards

  2. 1) What your told to
    2)All of them
    3) Immediately
  3. First week is grand mate. You have informal drinks with your training team on the 2nd night and then on the 3rd day go out for a Pizza Lunch and a few beers for team building. On the Thursday you will do 10 Pin Bowling followed by Swimming and a trip to the Cinema where the RSM will serve popcorn. Friday is a brisk walk in the park and then on the Saturday a gentle jog followed by a free afternoon in Pirbrights Wii & PS3 gaming room. Saturday evening they bus in trainee nurses for your junior Disco where they have twofers all night. The Kebab van is outside of the JR Club should you need a nosebag. Sunday is Church Parade followed by a Carvery and then Ice skating.
  4. and then i wake up ha ha..........