First week fitness

hey all, just wondered if someone could tell me, what kind of fitness level they expect you to be in first weeks, and what tests you HAVE to pass to start training.


Do you mean to pass the selection process?
no, once oy arrive at the training barracks, such as pirbright, what fitness level to the expect you to be at, and ive heard that you do some intial fitness tests and if you dont do to well yourback squaded straight away
i mean if you've done selection, that is about the amount of physical test you have to do, to go to basic training, now because i haven't been to basic yet, still waiting till 2nd of Feb, i have been reading on some forums, and what i am being told by my mates, who've just come home for the holidays, it's that there is alot of paper work to be done, after which, you have various physical fitness tests, so the pti's know each and everyone's weaknesses, to know how to group everyone, then there is the swimming tests and dat too...but basically i think it's just to know weaknesses.
ah okay, no idea then dude, have you had a butchers at the stickies in the health and fitness forum?
I would not worry its all progressive training so it'll start easy and get slowly harder but you're obviously getting fitter .....goodluck :)
On the first week you dont really do any phys. Once you do your medical you are then aloud to do your RMT which consists of the static lift, jerry can carry and your mile and half run. Basicly the three things that you did at selection. All the other phys is more of interductions to the different kinds of PT that you will do while in training.

I go back to pirbright on sunday to go start on week three of training and thats where the fun starts. Its all about progression. They will build you up. My fitness is s**t but im loving it
Mate, the whole point of your fitness tests at selection where to see if you had the minimum fitness level to undertake phase 1 training. If you have passed that then you shouldnt have any problems at your ATR.
Recently finished my phase one, Masters troop.

PT is easy dont even worrie about it, U hate it at first but learn to love it. And trust me. If ur not fit enough now. U will be when u leave.
thats wot it's all about, i dont entirely hate PT, but no one loves the idea of waking in the middle of the night, in the middle of no where, but you just have to learn to love it, and i think we all will...i cant wait too...come 2nd of Feb, just round the corner, i hope jan will fly by just like december did... :)
cheers for all this guys, cheered me up 'cos i got this ********* tellin me your screwed and going to get remedial training etc, cheers

that's alright m8, that's wot its all
something like that, but you have to keep up the fitness level you had for selection though, and if possible push your self a bit further, but if you doing all of that, you shouldnt worry too much about it...all you have to do is just keep your fitness levels up... :)
yea every one deals with that...MOTIVATION....but you'll be fine trust me...

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