First Week at RMAS

Discussion in 'Officers' started by cpunk, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I invite contributions to this thread from those who have been through this particular formative experience, in order to entertain and inform our young colleagues who are about to go to RMAS. Easy on the BS please, though there is no reason to spare our young colleagues some of the delights that they are about to experience.

    My own personal take:

    It was a ghastly shock to my timid, civvy, system. I'd been in the OTC and TA before going to Sandhurst and had achieved JNCO rank (wow!), thus believing myself to be the dogs b0llocks. I had a reasonable familiarity with the weapons; I could use the radios; I could press my kit; I could bull my boots; I could read maps; I knew a bit about tactics, etc etc... or so I thought. I can't claim to have been very fit: I'd run a 3hrs 34 marathon in May of the year I went (for September entry), but had done fairly little phys thereafter: bad mistake!

    What this meant was that: I was cocky - definitely not a good thing; I thought my knowledge of certain matters military was on a par with that of the DS - wrong; PT was an effort - oops. Combined with this, the dreadful 'Boots, combat, high' that we got issued then (the first course to get them after DMS boots), and ran in from day 2, shredded my heels and gave me Achilles Tendonitis. Ouch.

    So, the advice I give to those of you starting next week is:

    1. Nothing you've done before counts for sh1t. Use your experience but don't bother to tell the DS about it: they've been there, seen it and, for the most part, done it. If anything, use it to help your fellow cadets and don't wait for the DS to appear before you do.

    2. Have a positive mental attitude; you will not enjoy a lot of things in the first five weeks, but it gets better. If you respond positively to Sandhurst, you will benefit from it throughout your life.

    3. Get everything on the kit list. Lesson One: do what you're told!

    4. Fitness. It's too late to worry now, but if you aren't fit don't make it worse by turning up hungover or - even worse - clapped up (don't laugh, one of the guys on my intake turned up with the clap).

    5. Spread the word about Arrse: this is a valuable resource which I wish I'd had access to when I was going through RMAS.

    Finally, good luck to everyone who starts next week and please make sure to let us know how it's going as soon as you can.
  2. Thanks for the advice, and the luck, I think we'll need all that you can muster.

    Any happy stories come out of the first 5 weeks?????
  3. Thanks cpunk, I look forward to reading this lot - anything that can dampen the shock you describe will be greatly appreciated! Do the BPFA's normally take place on the first day, or does it vary throughout the week?
  4. Wills isn't reading this CPunk. You will have to try something else to get your gong.
  5. Mine was Friday of week 1. I think the three companies spread them out over Thursday, Friday and Saturday - if I recall rightly.

    Oh, and don't brace up to Lucknow platoon, just because they're in DPM and you're not. It's embarrassing for them and you. You may well be impressed by their already-officerly stature but the limp and RMAS cap-badge should be a giveaway that they're the same rank as you!
  6. Passing off the square to go home and get leathered i think.
  7. What's lucknow platoon? (sorry, don't take the pi$$ please!)
  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    His Grandma asked me to post this, my fungoid friend.
  9. thanks for all of your helpful replies, I have found out now.
  11. First Week? Learn to eat quickly... very quickly.
  12. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    And don't annoy the bloke with the dodgy horse.
  13. Barbs, is it worth taking something like mars bars to supplement your energy needs if you don't eat quickly enough (provided they're hidden from DS)?
  14. Hey good luck all of you.

    If they are still strict on what you can have in your room, there is a shelf at the back of your desk, just underneath the desk top, they never inspected that in my time. Use coke to soak your gas parts while you are cleaning the rest of your rifle, when you see the effect it does make you wonder what it does to your insides, and Jiff mouse is a great cleaner! If you are still having to fold your pants in to small squares then fold them round card, much neater and have spare ones to use else where.
    Keep smiling and don't fight it.
    Remember it will all be worth while when your CSgt or SSgt has to salute you at the end.
  15. Except that they definately know about it now. Old troopie of mine that went reg advised that they survived on nutrigrain bars and jaffa cakes when things got a bit hectic, I expect you'll all survive.