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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Aunty Stella, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. I was just reading a thread in the REME forum regarding cleaning drills on the SA80 and it cast my mind back to that fateful day in training that theyactually handled your first real gun (rifle or weapon for the pedantic)

    Although I used .22 and .303 in the cadets, it was never "mine" as it was handed to me on the range and then taken off me straight after.

    I vividly remember though being at Winchester in 1988 and being given a butt number of an actual, real GUN, which (so they told me and I believed) was MINE. Even when doing drill with that big nasty pointy knife thing on the end, it was never a chore because you were 18 and you had a GUN

    I can recall sitting in SAA lessons, weeks before they were ever going to give us real ammunition, and being in seventh heaven with the smell of gun oil, the drill rounds, the Gucci "telescopic sniper sight". Cocking the weapon during the drills and seeing the drill round fly out and thinking "Oh please God, give me real bullets". Even the thought of that lesson now, which I can vividly remember, brings back warm and fuzzy feelings.

    Then there was the first time on the range. "Fcuk me, real ammo, I'm a hardened killer". The first rounds down the range, the sight of your first real brass ejecting quite a bit faster than it did during the previous drill round drills, the realisation that all of the Hollywood noises were so totally wrong and you were going to tell everyone that on your first leave home, but "quietly".

    But, I had better to come. Although Winchester was the AAC Basic training Depot, it was run by the LI, who used SA80 and so we were taught on it. However, it turned out in the last week that the AAC were only just being equipped with the SA80 and that the regiments stil used the SLR, so, famil was in order. The SLR seemed like a monster, the rounds were at least 3 times the size of the "mere" SA 80 and it seemed an honour that our Corps was allowed to keep such a weapon. First shot it "felt" like a real gun, it had a kick like a mule and sounded and looked like it meant the business.
  2. Yes the good old SLR days especially with the wooden butt and stock handle a pure monster.......

  3. My first rifle was an slr, you knew that you'd hit the target with an slr, even if it was only paper and plywood
  4. i havent fired an SLR (would love to), when i fired a Cadet GP rifle (same round 5.56) it didn't have any real kick at all, BUT when i got my target rifle using surplus Military 7.62 it had the kick of a mule so the eperience could be comparable, my shoulder was a bit sore after the first time i used it, it is also very accurate which is helped by the fact its down to the rounds
    the difference is i brought my own rifle, not signed out to be billed if lost and get arrse raped by the QM

    you can buy straight pull SLRs there is a few knocking about. shame semi autos are banned.
  5. Best thing about the SLR was (especially at places like Lydd n Hythe ranges) "Targets fall when missed". The elephant gun was so powerful, just htting the shingle nearby was enough to drop the target.
    I can't recommend pokey drill with it, but the sling was a doddle - I still can't get my head round the SA80 sling initiative test.......

    We did a range day weapons exchange once with some USMC fellas - after one shot, most of them put it quietly down and went off rubbing their shoulders.
  6. I got to fire the SLR as a kid both in the .22 and 7.62 role as my dad was in a training espablishement.

    However on joining up I ended up with a lovely little SMG, so much easier to care for, fewer parts. and best of all, several ways of opening bottles with it. oh and you could recreate star wars scenes with it too...

    The SLR just wasn't the same as an adult though. (I use the term 'adult' in the loosest possible sense)
  8. I admit that was the trouble, running around Soltau, you had to pretend to be the bad guys, but it made guarding harbour areas far more fun.

    Then covering cam poles with bog roll and tape, soaking it in cylume and having light saber fights. I really should grow up at some point, but I just haven't got round to it yet.
  9. I confess that I am an old fart ... BUT ... I was disappointed by the tackiness of the SLR compared with the Lee Enfield - what a thing of beauty! Quality engineering throughout. The SLR had the glamour of the new when I first encountered it, but I was quickly disillusioned. And the L85 is just a mechanism, production engineered into a triumph of the mundane.

    I fired the 0.22 Rifle No 8 at the age of 14 and the No 4 shortly thereafter and I was hooked .. to the extent that I have a No4 Mk2 and an L39 target rifle in my gun cabinet right now. Even so, I think the weapon that impressed me most was the GPMG - though I don't think I ever fired the Bren gun.

    I do agree, there is something about being armed - sets you apart from civilians and you can't help but be aware of it. I suppose the way you respond to that sensation is what makes you a responsible gun user - or not, as the case may be. The next step up can only be using one on live human targets, which, I am glad to say, I have never had to do.
  10. The GPMG is a fine weapon, I never did like cleaning it though. The LMG is the closest I ever came to firing the Bren. and the LMG mags were always good for the SLR.

    I was not one of those who tried the trick of turning the SLR into a fully automatic weapon. oh no, not me.
  11. I remember the SLR on a range day 2 days after i had gone for glass len's instead of plastic on my glasses.

    After doing an APWT, When gas was called, the glasses went flying and on with the ressie, once the test had finished, hunting around for my glasses, only to find they had a big crack down the len's of the right eye, coz my eye relief had been crap, the recoil of the weapon had forced the sight to come back and smash them, still passed the test hough.....ah the memories, going from the slr, to the 5.56 seemed like going from a elephant gun to a spud gun.

    Given the choice between the two the SLR was and still is always my fave.
  12. Mine was a BSA .177 Air Rifle. Living in Africa at the time, I managed to shoot everything that hopped, skipped or flew.

    Bloody marvellous. :lol:

  13. hehehehe, many a cr*p shot passed his apwt there just by hitting the shingle in front of the targets, it registered as a hit every time!
  14. [​IMG]

    i can see the similarity between the Enforcer and my P14 (shared family tree perhaps)

    Winchester P14 (which i understand refers to the winchester bolt action)
  15. You learnt very quickly to use the correct eye relief when firing the SLR!
    It was quite a sturdy weapon, as I found out when some twat ran over mine in a 4 tonner and it came out unscathed.