First War of the Worlds and now Pratchett

I was debating where to put this but I thought the Int Cell might get some more "sophisticated" responses.

After the lambasting the latest War of the Worlds adaptation from the BBC has taken for being "woke", the same organisation has announced the cast list for an up and coming show which is adapted from the works of Terry Pratchett and featuring the Ankh Morpork City watch.

New casting announced for TV adaptation 'The Watch' | Sir Terry Pratchett

While I applaud any attempt to bring Terry's work to the screen, four women in major character roles that have always been male (including the Patrician, a role written specifically with Alan Rickman in mind} and one young person of colour as the wife of a major character do not bode well in my opinion.

As Sir Terry himself would have said "Well thats a bit of an embuggerance"...


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Not only that, half the people that they've cast of the right gender just don't look the part...

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