First Visit to Hamburg!!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by mmm-babies-heads, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. I've heard of people trying to claim this happened to them but I am the original I swear! (purely down to available technology at the time!

    There was I, first time in Hamburg with pockets crammed with 1DM pieces to visit the 'peep show' cubicles and throwing myself into every 'show ' available for about 7 hours.... Into the cubicle.. coin in and flap flicks up and you fill your teenage eyeballs with the 'lady' whirling round on the giant circular bed with clothing asunder, whacking 9inch piece of plastic into every available orifice..... after a while (you can only take so much) it's interesting looking at all the other flaps lifting up and seeing eyes glued to the window pane, recognising some of your mates opposite!

    As I said, several hours later, I end up in a special cubicle because this one has a padded board for you to kneel on while you look in to the window. Feckin great! Coin in... cup hands around face for best view.. wait for flap to lift up... whats wrong ... all of a sudden a blinding light hits me square in the face and burns my eyeballs out.
    Just how was I supposed to know that you were meant to sit on the 'kneel board' and watch the porn being projected on the back of the door? (videos hadn't been invented then!!!)
    Ahhhh ... visits to the rot lichte strasse! More thoughts?
  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  3. If your were the first you would have been using the old british 5p not 1DM

  4. why bother with hamburg when all you needed was a walk out of the back gate to Route six, nice little caravan in the layby, 5DM to almost have it pulled off by another "lady", then into town with your urges satisfied..fantastic..T*ff F*$&ner if you're reading this, where's your sheepskin coat!!
  5. 18 years old, been in Germany one week. I was then introduced to Nigger Alley (Hannover)........WOW!!!

    A few years later I decided to take the wife (only been married about two minutes) for a days shopping in Hannover but got lost on the drive in. Came across the aforementioned district and I knew exactly where I was.

    'Oh yes I know were I am now, I remembered that old large church over there', says me bull**iting.
  6. ah, that particular alley was the ruin of many a Sapper Og on hid first visit, I seem to remember a chum of mine being bodily thrown to his initiation whereupon he was nearly killed by an enormous mamma...and so cheap!!
  7. Made a visit to nigger alley from 21 when it was in Nienburg. Said never again but went back. Ah to be young and free.
  8. Dont pi$$ on the Polizie car wheels, as your about to be arrested!!!
    They have a bad habit of locking you up....and issueing "cold tea and dripping on toast" for Breakfast!!!! :twisted: :lol: :twisted:
  9. Never got lifted but spent many anight sleeping on the train platform after missing the last train home.

    Cold and unhappy
  10. remember getting dragged through one of the windows of the afore mentioned windows bloody shite myself i did, but i still manged to do the deed
  11. she is not that gullible you know, she's not a "coneheid" like you 8O :D 8O :D
  12. Oi Honkies.... Don't use the N word !!!!!
  13. :? :? :? :?
  14. First trip to Hamburg was 1968 to play rugby against the Hamburg Police. After the match we got the full tour from the off duty coppers. most of whom seemed to be from DavidsWacht nick!!!! What an education for a well dragged up 19 year old catholic boy!!! hehehehe

    edit cos I can play rugby but am such a mong I couldn't spell it1 :oops:

  15. What....Nienburg.?....sorry mate, wont happen again