First Video of Tiger Combat Helicopter in Action in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by fantassin, Feb 6, 2011.

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  1. AFAIK, this is the first publicly available video of Tigers in action.

    The film shows 30 mm cannon and rockets fire against INS in support of a French Caracal transport helo which is exfiltrating an FFL and USSF team in Sept. 2009 in the Uzbin Valley of RC-E.

    Notice at some point how the Caracal is narrowly missed by an RPG round...

  2. Looks like an impressive piece of kit. Does anyone know how it compares to the Apache?
  3. Another Gross of Virgins required.
  4. I'll be damned, I saw that video (longer version) back in Sep 09, but the French wouldn't let us have a copy at the time. I was in on the debriefing on that one.

    Most of the troops were American Special Forces, with an even additional helping of FFL and Nevada National Guard. Nasty part of the world, right next to where those ten French soldiers were killed the year before. They were actually preparing to leave when they were attacked, the Caracals had to break off the pick-up until the Tigers showed up to provide cover. Opposition got extremely close during the assault, I very much doubt my lads who were there will have anything poor to say about French Army Aviation.

  5. it's virtually French for gods sake - you just know it will fall apart once it's out of warranty.

    besides - the main gun seems very inaccurate compared to an Apache.

    and the pilots speak some sort of foreign language.
  6. Considering they started firing from over two kilometers away, it wasn't that bad. Plus they did seem to hit them.

    A neat feature is that the gun has a 'terrain lock' ability. When you lase a point in 3D space, the computer remembers where it is so that no matter which way the helo banks (to include if it's outside the line of sight of the sight or helmet, such as directly below the belly), it keeps the gun trained on it so you can keep shooting. At least, that's what I gathered off the French aviator at Tora.

  7. The Tiger 30 mm cannon is renowned for its accuracy. French automatic cannons have a good reputation, so much so that the (now cancelled) RAH-66 Comanche US helo was mounting a Nexter 20 mm cannon. As for the rockets, if they look inaccurate on the film, it's because they are flechette rounds that separate in the final part of their flight IOT saturate an area.

    Last December, a single Tiger was credited with killing 16 INS with cannon fire at night while supporting a FRA Navy SF unit operating in RC-E.
  8. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    "Ah! Putain!"

    There's a son of Provence in that cockpit, I'd wager...
  9. That actually was not a crash but a hard landing caused by a problem with the rear rotor. The film shows the helo after it had been dismantled for transport by a US Army CH-47.

    No INS action involved in this hard landing.