First Vehicle Driven In The Corps

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Jan 17, 2009.

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  1. what was the first vehicle you drove within the corps when you got to your first proper unit. :?: :?: :?: :?:

    for me it was a AFV 432 as a young sprog.

    then took charge of 16EA67 for a couple of years while at 37 fd sqn in hameln.
  2. A Ferret! ..I also received the first bollocking of many for driving things I wasn't entitled to, around various camps. (including an old Coles crane from the crane cab and one of those trench diggig efforts, LMD? 'Twas a glory to behold one moving under the power of it's own engine!)
  3. A dumper in the Falklands on the swimming pool task for Happy Harren (sp)
  4. Engineer kit wise a TV1200 on a small task whilst waiting to go on my A2.
  5. MK 1 Rigid Raider , learnt to drive a car as resettlement ,so no licence when I was in green
  6. Bedford RL
    Reg No 56BS00
    The only reason I remember the reg no is that it was 'issued' to me and my mate and we had to maintain it. It was this vehicle that I mated with an Austin Champ.
  7. Land driver at Antrim, Don't have a clue about the reg. Lots of Plant at Chepstow during my trade trg though.
  8. Also at 37 Fld Sqn in Hameln Land Rover GS 43 FL 77
  9. AFV 432 Mk 2/1 03ED46 with Ranger on the roof in 42 Sqn, Hameln in 1984

    Had to de-canabalize it first though 'stripped for spares'
  10. Bedford RL and Mack 6x4 at Gordon Barracks,Gillingham.
  11. Wheeled - Bedford RL on driving course at Crookham, then part of Basic Training - no Knocking for me!

    Tracked - DROTT Light Crawler Tractor - 0-2 POM at Wainscott.
  12. Fookin' hell Knocker, 16 EA 67 was my first vehicle, see below. :D I know the reg is covered with shit, but it was the narrow track to the washdown at Soltau. At one point in 5 Troop, we only had 3 qualified drivers, so we had 2 vehicles each, spartan and apc. :scratch: My CVRT was 02 FF 42, but on Spearpoint 85, I had 02 FF 29 (yellow flag essential!!! See below) :frustrated:
    Ah, happy times, but even more amazing is that I can remember the sodding registrations of em! :?

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  13. Combat Engineer Trailer Reg 23 FD 87 in dog sqn. Was on the course before my feet even touched the ground.
  14. Mine was a landrover 1/2 ton 17HF59 and then progressed to landrover 110 92KE35

    Amazing how these things stay with you, I last drove the 110 in 1988 LOL

    Oh how time flies