First US Army officer to graduate from Sandhurst

Discussion in 'US' started by yank_eyetie, Apr 11, 2009.

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  1. obviously shows that even the septics consider British Officers to be superior to their own West Point trained ones.
  2. what a scruffy septic, belts on the pi55, his blues look like they have never seen an iron and his head is off to one side.

    Obviously wants to uphold his septicism standards and not that of RMAS. :p

    I had to go and tell Queen Vic that I was a bad person when I turned up looking like sh1t (like the septic) one Early morning!! luckily enough she told me to take the rest of the day off :D
  3. [​IMG]

    Got to agree with you there Colonel, what a sack of shite!
  4. "He leaves a committed Anglophile". :?

    I suspect Benedict Arnold was also a "committed Anglophile".

    I guess it wouldn't hurt too much to have at least one committed Anglophile as a US Army Ranger. I mean how much damage can he really do?

    The thing that bothers me is that the war in Afghanistan was cited as the reason to send the guy there. The war will be over in a little while and we will have a committed Anglophile in the US Army without a real job.
  5. I note that in the same Passing out,both major awards were won by Sappers(Sword and QM).Normal service has been resumed!
  6. Article is very skimpy on detail.

    Wouldn't be surprised to learn that Lt Heath has:

    1.) already been commissioned in the US Army via ROTC;

    2.) strong British connections - a parent? - and possibly dual nationality; fact that he hadn't been to Britain prior to arriving at Sandhurst doesn't preclude this.


    Does this development mean that it will now be possible for a Brit studying at an American university to undertake the whole ROTC program and receive a commission in the US Army?
  7. None, he can teach them how to be professional and how not to shoot at friendlies. "US Ranger" = "At best, normal line Infantry Soldier" in the UK.

    :) :) You really do live in your own little made up service world don't you?

    You crack pipe smoking retard

    By the way,

    I am still waiting for you to come clean on your service. I have only asked you two dozen times. You love to be critical of other people's service but are quite unwilling to come clean on yours. I call it being chickenshit.

  8. Met this bloke while playing enemy on Ex. Broadsword and he was telling me about it. I had no idea he was a guinea pig for a new exchange programme...

    I wonder if it's a career booster or just a major pain in the ass? As a newly commissioned subbie I wouldn't want to be sent to the US for a repeat of the same with a load of septics.
  9. Indeed the first to "commission" however we had a sceptic for about a month and half of the final term. He even did final exercise. Funny as Fcuk first contact sprayed all his ammo off. "Ammo, need more ammo" went the cry from our American friend.

    "With respect Sir, this isn't fcuking Mogadishu, we use what we call fire discipline, even our middle east friends understand that now. That's your lot till the next phase, now go bang bang" - was the Platoon SSgt's reply!

    Even the enemy Gurkhas pissed themselves!
  10. In 2006 there was another exchange program. A program where the US sent Drill Sargeants to the UK to teach the Brits how to march and sing at the same time.

    I guess sending this guy to Sandhurst was the other side.
  11. And you are an idiot. That's not british "troops" they are cadets, as in schoolkids who have nothing better to do on saturday afternoons. That was just a p1ss take, and you are a fool for thinking otherwise.
  12. Ligthen up Frances. It was a joke. You people don't have a sense of humor, do you? It must be hard going around life with a hair stuck up you ass all the time, isn't it?
  13. Just like it must take a lot of reading on your part to carry on pretending that you were in the military once.

    Civvy crack smoking nobody.
  14. "None, he can teach them how to be professional and how not to shoot at friendlies. "US Ranger" = "At best, normal line Infantry Soldier" in the UK."

    I want whatever you're on. Out of the 3 brits in my Ranger school class, only 1 passed. He also had to repeat Florida phase. Ranger School is a leadership course. It does not get you in to the 75th Ranger Regiment, which is an entirely different animal.