I’ve had an absolutely awful time in my first unit, Im a clerk and I’ve been here for coming up to 5 months, and I’ve been purely bullied from the RAWO since I stepped foot in the door.

I’ve put in a complaint which was basically handed back to me and not dealt with due to the rawo leaving.

Quick questions really, if there’s any other clerks out there that can advice done stuff as I’m still pretty new. Is it possible to move units early? Is there a time frame during your first unit that you can go?
I’m 100% sure somewhere it says that you can move within the first 6 months, but again no luck finding anything.

I’ve spoke to my chain of command who have said to see how it goes and that’s all I’ve done since.

Running out of options!


Have a read through this thread regarding Service Complaints:


If you genuinely were being bullied by the RAWO, then him/her being posted surely means this has ended (not saying that it shouldn't be reported and carried through, clearly it should or they will just bully someone else). Be very careful though of crying wolf just to try and get another posting, it won't end well. Besides, by the time the enquiry/SC is finished you'd likely only have a few months at your current post anyway?

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