First trip to local TA unit


Tomorrow I will be going for the first time to my local TA unit. What should I expect and will I be getting the application process rolling tomorrow evening.

Will i need to bring anything with me i.e certificates.

any infor would be good




You will probably get a quick brief specific to your unit and what it does, commitment etc...
You should then be given a application pack with a chunky amount of paperwork in it (Application form, medical form etc... theres a lot)
They may take you through that too and explain what you need to bring, and how to fill some sections out.
You shouldn't need to take anything in.

From then on you will just need to fill out all the paperwork and hand it back at a later date complete with certificates and then they should get you booked on an selection weekend.

Have fun and show some encouragement - It's always nice to make a good impression :)
Let us know how it goes- What unit are you looking into?


Thanks for the info.

pretty eager to crack on with the procces been thinking about joining for a while but hear a few stories about how long it takes to get going.

looking at RMLY h detachment be interesting to have a look aroubd and see what you can do down there.


Took me a month from ringing up and speaking to the NCO in charge of recruiting to me doing my RSW.

Seems varied to how long it takes, im off on my first weekend of phase1 training tomorrow :D

Make sure you take your time filling out all the forms :)

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