First training weekend (infantry)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jord1987lancs, Jan 4, 2009.

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  1. Hi all

    Can anyone tell me what to expect of the first weekend please? ie PT and what things we will cover during the weekend.

  2. Things change all the time with regards to what gets covered on the trg wkends, for example when i did it we learned about the different parts of the rifle, had a 1.5mile run and done some drill. People who have joined after me have said they did a pft, an introduction to MATTS and learned some regimental history and drill. Your best bet would be to ask your training team at the next opportunity. What unit are you part of anyway?
  3. Cheers. Im with b company 4 lancs.
  4. I thought you might have been with one of the companies from 4lancs. There are some decent blokes up at B Coy so any questions you have just ask them, im sure they would be only too pleased to help
  5. ok thank you. are you with 4lancs?
  6. You'll probably have 2 PT lessons (sat and sun). In them you'll do 1.5 mile run, sit ups and press ups and some other fun stuff. You'll do lots of drill and a rifle lesson or two. You'll have loads of powerpoint presentations like V+S,security,badges of rank,structure etc. This is a rough outline, dont quote me.