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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by siggy88, Jul 30, 2007.

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  1. ive just finished my phase 2 ( driver liney ) and im going to iraq very soon , any advice for my first tour , eg any non issued items to make my tour easier or just general advice ?

  2. Speak to your CofC OUT
  3. Some goodies from home ie sweets etc but not chocolate sent from home baby wipes unsented ones, don't want to smell like a baby!!! letters are good for morale get as mamy people to write to you. and write back. Take some US dollars, as thats the only currency out there even in the NAAFI. Suncream is issued in theatre. Sweat rags pleanty of, brown tee shirts the vented spangly ones (army surplus shop).

  4. pack light, alot of stuff can be bought out there. entertainment on your down time is pretty handy, psp's ipod and laptop came quite high on my packing list. invest in some decent digital porn and a hard drive, then swap it with your mates.

    good luck
  5. Your packing requirements may well be dictated by where you are going. Take advice from those in your unit who are going and have been before. Like EWK says a laptop, good high capacity external hard drive packed with music films and bangbus.

    Bring some flip flops to wear in the shower, bring a small med kit containing cold remedies (i found them expensive in Th and if 1 person get a cold, you all getting it), paracetamol, a good aftersun just in case you catch a burn, that sort of thing.

    Bring a head torch, extremely handy. But as has already been mentioned, pack light if you can. The most important thing to take with you is a positive attitude and a sense of humour, when your laying your 5th 2 KM phone cable of the day in 40 degree heat, you'll need it. Good luck.
  6. If you PM me your address once deployed I will write, might be boring but can always send naked photos of my sister in law (if I can get any, been trying for years) :D
  7. Head torch and flip flops a must! If you're gonna be there in winter time remember it gers very wet there and cold. wellies are therefore a poss but may get you laughed at.
    If you are thinking of gucci kit buy that in theatre eg leatherman, surefire torch etc.
    Entertainment eg dvd's, and something to play them on. Have a good mate at home who will send you 'interest' mags eg Carp weekly etc! Youll be surprised what you can get out there now, running kit, duvets etc, If you forget stuff dont worry.
  8. are they even called lineys anymore?
  9. No RSigs Drivers.
  10. when i did my course in blandford in march we were still called lineys , and the paperwork said trade driver lineman.
  11. 88 keep your head down, but most importantly don't worry about things at home keep your chin up and soldier on. use the experience of all those around you as there is no such thing as a stupid question and you'll get through it.
  12. Where are you posted at the moment?

    The kit they give you nowadays for tours is not to shabby to be honest although FME you do not need to take it all.. If you can try and get extra desert kit (trousers and shirts) oh and get a decent set of boots too!

    Of the top of my head.

    Sports socks
    ear plugs (late night mortar attacks cause sleep deprevation :cry: ! )
    If you have a lap top get a TV USB plug thing as the BFBS service is quite good.
    Talc/Baby powder
    Cheque books.

    Most of the stuff can be bought in either of the two NAAFI shops the BAS has to offer.

    On a side note dont go wasting your money buying stupid electric goods at overpriced prices, The naafi has cameras etc available and from what I saw the young lads cashed loads of cheques just to buy $hite they didnt need :evil:

    If you are a non smoker you can probably get away with spending less than £50 a month on tour tbh.

    Good luck too, I was there on Telic 9 for 7 months and it was a bastid! :idea:
  13. Good advice!! Am out in the hole at the moment!!
  14. Iron,

    That is rather clever of you isn't!!! A young soldier comes on this site with a very sensible question and your retort is to speak to his CofC. With the no doubt witty to you, but actually rather knobish 'OUT' tagged on to the end. Neither big nor clever and makes you look like a bit of a t*t.

    He on the other hand thought that asking a forum of his peers in the hope of gaining some first hand advice was the better way forward.


    Good luck to you and keep your head down.

  15. A-Y - Any chance of borrowing some of your CIS budget - I need a laptop.