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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by pulpfiction, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. Passed out of Medic training just 5 months ago, and havn't done a whisper of Medical work since. I'm deployed to Iraq in two weeks, I understand i'm going to have a highly boring couple of months out there, but is there anything i should do some groundwork on? What extra things should i take with me? What's allowed? Any insight would be really appreciated.
  2. I'd check your blood pressure if I were you!
  3. arf arf. nothing wrong with wanting to be prepared is there.
  4. Good luck!
  5. take tampons.. great for gunshot wounds!!!!!! ipod or simular to chillax when you have the oppertunity, some people take their laptops.. (personally i wouldnt..) some civvie Ts to sweat ya arrse off in when chillaxing.. plenty of foot powder.. you get the idea..
  6. Maybe the issue field dressings, quick clot etc would be better? It's an op tour he's going on, not a fcuking 'make n mend' drive.
  7. They are also great for cycling, swimming, climbing and playing tennis, but I doubt he will have time.

    Possibly the silliest bit of advice ever offered on arrse. As Messer Alpa says, why not just use a dressing instead of having to raid jam rag bins up and down the country prior to deployment.

    If I'd been shot and some clown was shoving a tampon in me rather than the field dressings generously given I'd burst out laughing and ask him what he was doing.
  8. wow last time I open with a joke.. Lost our SOH guys?