Going on my first tour to sandy places and have a couple of questions for you guys...

1) Guys i've spoken to recommend a Camelbak Motherload or a Mortar Bag? Never heard of the later... any ideas/pictures or pointers? They told me to stay clear of the NI pack as it slips off the shoulder when wearing BA?

2)Chaps mentioned not to pop pouches onto your body armour instead to accuire a normal webbing and yoke and fix the molle pouches to the belt to wear under your boday armour?

As i say chaps... with a nervous excitment i await your comments!

It depends what job you are doing: if you are one of the Dismounted Close Combat designated personnel (ie you have a liability to deploy from camp into the field, either on foot or in a veh) then on arrival you should be issued an Infantry Assault Day Sack - a 42l bag - which is developed from the 60mm Mor Bag. Therefore you should not need to buy a Motherload. Best advice is to wait until you get into theatre. If you really want to then spend your hard earned cash on a bag that will probably be trashed by the end of the tour when you will be issued with one that does the job just as well (if not better), then you can order it from the Internet - probably tax free - or pick one up in a PX at a much greater saving than buying in UK.

The fixing of pouches is a personal matter - there are pros and cons to both. With Osprey, if you fixed it to the body armour, you put an excessive load on the fastenings etc. You also raised your profile which could be a problem under fire. Use the webbing and you have to wear it low and run the risk of it chafing your legs on approach marches. Again, if you are going as a DCC Fighter you will now get Osprey Assault which is designed to have pouches fitted to it and to distribute the load better. I would suggest you take your PLCE with you and see what works best for you.

Hope that helps.
i used a 95 day sack and plce webbing, most people in my coy used plce webbing with the straps extended over the of the boay armour,
tried a chest rig but it didnt work

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