First tour – Telling parents

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jockanese123, May 15, 2009.

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  1. Hi, apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, I have searched but have been unable to find anything of relevance.

    I’m in the TA Infantry and am due to deploy on Herrick 11. I am fairly young ie. less than 20, and I am unsure how to tell my parents (both non forces) about my impending deployment.

    I have 2 questions:

    Firstly is it a terrible idea to tell them a white lie for example that I will be in a relativity safe area i.e. staying in Bastion so that they won’t stress so much?

    Secondly if I do tell them this and they want to send me mail will it have just a BFPO number on it, or will it be specific i.e. Bastion, a FOB name etc?

    Cheers for you help,

    Any other tips you have about easing my parent’s fears greatly appreciated
  2. Say 'I'm off to Afghan. Don't buy me any shoes for the next 6 months'
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Just tell 'em that you are off to pick up some bling and you will see them in 6 months.......maybe :twisted:

    p.s. best of luck and haste ye back.
  4. Not an easy one is it? Honesty is the best policy though. It's what you wanted to do, they should respect that if they think anything of you which I'm sure they will.

    Best of luck.
  5. Explain to them that considering you're a STAB they'll only have to go through this pain once as you'll spend the rest of your 'career' living off this one and only tour. Also explain to them that you volunteered, no-one forced you and you're sorry for not having joined the regular army as you have commitment issues.
  6. Mail isn't a problem - will just have the Afg BFPO number on it. Still probably best to be honest though - they will be stressed about you anyway, whatever you tell them. If you go the "white lie" route you will still have to come clean afterwards, (or else never tell them your war stories, show happy snaps etc) so I guess you should take it on the chin.

    Years ago I spent a few months doing some rather dangerous stuff abroad, and told my parents that I was just doing admin and management etc - they aren't stupid and didn't believe a word of it...

    Good luck and have a great tour.
  7. Why don't you sod off back to your own little box, trolling cnut! Kid asked a serious question, as he voluntered for Herrick he deserves more credit in some ways than a Private when his next tour is due and doesn't have a choice!

  8. Fcuking zip it you civvy tool.
  9. 5A, why are you even in these forums? Do the bigger boys in the regular forums make fun of you because you have self adequacy issues? Does cowardly and anonymously trying to shit on available 'targets' boost your self esteem to levels just above suicidal? Bless. Now do one you pathetic throbber!

  10. Tell em you are the laundry Gimp at Bastion, send dull letters home saying you are bored.

    Arrive home, scoff your body weight in grog, do the wild eyed thousand yard stare and scream that you have seen things that would make their eyes bleed
  11. Jock123


    If not a wah then;

    Probably best to be upfront with them. Should you not return, imagine their chagrin/shame when they find your porn collection etc., when clearing your effects from your bedroom???

    If you've told them you're away off to "Uni" in St. Andrews and come home with a tan, minus a leg, and screaming in the middle of the nicht questions will be asked.

    That practical/social science course based upon "The Scottish Play" just won't cut it as an explanation TBH.

    Tell them this is something you have to do. Spread the wings, flee the doocot etc.

    But afore that, at least admit you smoke cigarettes. :D

    Yer no awa' tae bide awa' neebs!!!

    Aw the best :D :D
  12. Your day job is making burgers isn't it? Hobbyist.
  13. First of all, good luck & stay safe.

    Obviously you know your parents better than me, but I would imagine there could be a scenario where your Mum has a bit of a reaction. My advice would be to take Dad down the pub and broach the subject with him first. Then perhaps leave it to him to discuss with Mum or tell her together.
  14. What he said honesty is the best option. Just waiting for my brown envelope to explain all to 0A
  15. msr

    msr LE

    I can't believe you lot still fall for 5A's fishing expeditions.

    This was one of the better ones so I left it here.