First to fire javelin in anger

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by taric, May 23, 2006.

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  1. 3PARA are the first unit to deploy on ops from the british army with the Javelin and with the many fantastical ops that are coming up on this tour which both of my mates are javelin section commanders in the FSG (fire support groups) out there and they say it's only a matter of time until they fire one in anger oooooooooooh!!!!!
  2. Great piece of kit got to have a 'play' on it when I did my PIOFV at Warminster admittedly only on an indoor trainer but still impressive though did leave the suits some what crumpled must have been a design flaw.
  3. Yeah i noticed that too but when i used the indoor trainer for the javelin while i was doing my MILAN course we were using the U.S. marines variant because the british have still got to update the software for the indoor trainer MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!
  4. Does that one simulate the "Hooohas" or are you expected to add them yourself?
  5. yeah and we got a free dodgy high and tight haircut also hahaha!!!
  6. I was lucky enough to be invited to have a go on the Javelin Trainer down and the Anti Tank Training Wing at Warminster, and as a Tankie it put the shoiters up me.
    A 2 minute TP on it and I was off, very simple piece of kit to use, and very deadly.

    Is it true you guys are only allowed to fire 1 missile a year when training on the kit, because its so expensive, or is that just an urban myth? Seems shoite if its true.
  7. Um not sure if its the same but the RA in air defence have to fire 1000 consecutive hits on a trainer before they allowed anywhere near a live range I expect its the same principle.
  8. I fired 16 milan in 7 years, so no! Still in my day it was 12 grand a pop
  9. Oh yes my freind that is very true and you're lookingat about 60,000 a missile if not more but don't quote me on that, but the javelin does not mean the end of the milan due to the fact you wouldn't want to use a javelin to do a job a less expensive weapon system can do so the platoons are 50/50 at the moment so that makes live firing quite interesting
  10. Your anti-tank platoon is 50-50? Seems a bit strange, is that an independent Battalion position? (It is certainly not DINF policy).
  11. Yep the milan post is mounted on the rear of the WMIK and the javelin is secured to the front of the WMIK ready for the COMD to fire and he still has his gimpy mounted at the front and the other WMIK in the fsg has a .50 cal on top that's how my battalion are doing things
  12. Christ, why not go the whole hog and lash a tactical nuke to a skateboard?
  13. Can't belive that in this day and age we are using ancient greek weapons! How far can a soldier throw a javelin? Is Tessa Sanderson and other former olympians helping out with the training?
  14. I think so but we've also been told to save money we must not break them as the primary school sportstore we borrowed them from wants them back in one piece
  15. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    On the battlefield where does cost come into it?