First Timer to Pirbright

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Over_Excited, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. :D

    Due to start Pirbright soon… I wonder if anyone can give me some advice on what to expect, like time off to see the girl, helpful tips, and what to watch out for that they don’t tell you in the joining instructions…!!!

  2. Forgot to add what is Exercise really like???

    soz bit over excited!!
  3. On exercise you learn what happens when things go bump in the night !
  4. is there a lot of exercise?
  5. If you feel the urge to "see the girl" as you so succinctly put it you need to look no further than your RLC compariots who are all cnuts.
    Oh if you do have an overwhelming urge to perform the act of copulation, have a word with any of your DS who will bum you whithin an inch of your life...........dry.
  6. See above.
  7. You could say there is...

    Run a search on this site for "Pirbright" and "basic training". There have been more than enough threads on the topic already.

    Broadly speaking; do as you are told before you are told, shut up, work hard, enjoy yourself and partners are incompatible with early military service.

  8. If you want exercise you'll get plenty in phase 1 ! Lots of circuit training running etc for the first few weeks followed up by CFT 's( long tab with weight ) so you'll be in good shape when you return to your missus she'll be up all night !
  9. Only vomiting as she witnesses your hideously coloured and shaped RLC beret.
  10. You must get some time off?
  11. over_excited

    are you really due to start at pirbright soon??

    surely you'd know basic things like these if you were!

    have you done the RSC yet...?
  12. As a former training corporal at pirbright, let me tell you mate, its pink and fluffy now!! (not like it was in my day!!) You will get more time off than John Waynes safety catch. Life is easy, get up when you want to, leasurely breakfast, maybe go for a little jog or play some footy mid afternoon the knock it on the head for the day and play your PSP.

    The truth? nothing like above. When you get there expect it to be hard then anything else is a bonus. Go with an open mind but most of all enjoy it because you will talk about it for the rest of your career.
  13. Move fast, Keep low!
  14. Appreciate your honesty… you hear so many different stories
  15. Time to see the Girl... Mate you don't stand a chance, trust me in 14 weeks you'll be Single!