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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Jacko1981, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm new to this site and I know you've probably been asked the same questions about a billion times but I was just enquiring about some info on joining the TA...

    I could commit 1 weekend a month and the two weeker, is that enough? Would like to do more but the missus might have something to say about that!!!

    How fit do I REALLY have to be? I'm reasonably fit and am currently training daily but I want to be truly ready for it when I join up. Any examples of levels of fitness would be great such as mile times, strength, endurance etc...

    I'm doing an electrical course (City & Guilds) outside of work, could I somehow do something with this in the army?

    This two week away course / training thing... do my workplace HAVE to let me do this or would I need to book it off as holiday?

  2. Hope this helps!
  3. Thanks for the reply

    1.5 miles is about 11 minutes, any good?
  4. If your other half is a problem now, she will definately become anti if you join. Assuming you pass selection and get loaded onto Ph1 training in a non infantry unit, you would be looking at 6 weekends Ph 1 A & B (weekend on, weekend off) then a two week Ph2 residential, then trade training even before you join your unit proper and have some choice on weekends to attend.

    If you are intending to join the infantry then the 6 weekends is extended to 9 weekends (weekend on, weekend off), then the two week residential 'Combat Infantrymans Course' in Catterick.

    The first year of any new recruit is very hectic and time absorbing.

    Remember also that if you miss a weekend during Ph1 A & B you will be back squadded prolonging the process even more.

    Before you embark on a TA career you really need to find out about the unit you intend to join, although there is a bare minimum of man training days allocated to remain trained and current MOST TA soldier do a lot more (in actual fact you will find that most units will expect yopu to do more). Find out what your prospective unit will really require of you after you become a trained soldier.

    All that said, unless you get your partner on board from the begining you will be under an excessive amount of pressure and may end up jacking it during your initial training.