First Time War

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by smurf, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. Hey

    I was just wanting to know what it is like going to war for the first time as a royal signaller? I'm hoping to join the signals but can't until i'm 16 and 9 months (4 months to go!).
  2. Are you for real?? 8O
  3. Take a Thermos, hot water bottle and, at least, 100 ultra thin, flavoured, ribbed (for his/her pleasure) contraceptives.

    War is Hull.

    Oh, sorry. War is hell.
  4. were you not joining the RLC not long back?
  5. That was my second choice. I can see i've annoyed some people so just carry on ignoring me. Forget i asked anything.
  6. Smurf,

    It depends on your view point, of course the Signals are with the battlegroup but they are not storming buildings and trenches etc. However the job is highly focused and does not come without a succint level of operational pressure.

    Many Signallers will find themselves alone and self supported so it is not a REMF job. Im sure there are many here who could give a good account of crossing the line at Kuwait and the main push upto Basrah.

    Anyone care to spare a few lines?
  7. Wasn't that because someone ordered some relays/centrals into Iraq to establish/prepare comms (but I think that was GW1)
  8. Im sure there were a few out dets this time around as well.
  9. 0A


    You maniac!!! Dont join yet! go to Uni and smoke things and get drunk. Plenty of time to be miserable in the Royal Signals 8O 8O
  10. Don't worry about annoying people when you're asking questions. The only stupid question is the one you haven't asked.

    I've never served with the Sigs (I've only been attached) and I wasn't in Iraq for the war so I'm not much help (you might have guessed that from my above post).
  11. ok