First time sex

Maggie loved Johnny so much she really wanted to make love to him. So she told him that if he came to her house the next evening to meet her parents and they liked him she would give him a night of bliss.

Johnny was delighted but a little nervous: he had never slept with a girl before and despite his bragging with his pals he was a little unsure how to go about things. So he went to the pharmacy to buy some condoms and found that the pharmacist was very kind and he gave him lots of helpful advice for his first time, and a 10 pack of condoms because he assured Johnny he'd be busy.

Johnny arrived at Maggie's house and was brought in, introduced to her mum and dad and they all sat down to dinner. Before anyone could speak Johnny offered to say grace and bowed his head onto his chest. The seconds turned into minutes and eventually Maggie whispered "oh Johnny, I had no idea you were so religious!"

Johnny hissed back, "and I had no idea your dead was a pharmacist!"
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