First time on site. Greetings chaps. Ex Cold war Sqaddie.

missDAcoldwar said:
Greetings Brothers mine.
How goes it in the current war zones ?
Be good Geezers, or don't get caught.
A/S/L is required!!!!

Failing location, age and F/M???

How goes it in the current war zones? Have you been living on another planet this last 10yrs, try watching the news, reading the papers or better still Ross Kemp on Afghanistan.

Anyway Welcome to ARRSe and the NAAFI, for a serious debate/discussion, post in the other forums :D
This thread should be framed - as the shittest wah ever seen on arrse!
In reply

My dear miss

If indeed you are a miss!

Do you have any piccies of your lils? or even your clout?

If so, post them up, and lets see what you have to offer.


What on gods green earth, is a "sqaddie"?

Or has the "U" been lost in the coldness of war?

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