First Time Car?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Avante, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys and girls!
    Well im 18 and im looking at buying a motor to pass my test in be a little run around for a bit until i have enough experience to buy something more serious.
    Basically want it to look as nice as it sounds and be okay to run and insure (taking my age into account)
    Andy advice on a very good first car?
  2. Whatever you can find thats cheap enough, and you can afford the insurance on. I quite like big old cars, Sierras, Granadas, stuff like that. but you cant afford the insurance on them
  3. Yeah i would need something less powerful and smaller :)
    i tried to get a quote on a range rover sport = FAIL :p
    - Zak
  4. You are joking?!
  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Old shape Mini.

    They are cheap, bags of fun, extremely stylish and if you really must start modifying it, they can be made to go a lot quicker with off the shelf parts.
  6. I had a Mini for a while when I was about 20. they really are a bucket of fun! As it was virtually worthless, but legal, I used to use "act only" insurance, just covered the bare minimum required by law, and was incredibly cheap-£30/year. Dont think you can still get that though
  7. Old peugeot 106 would be ideal. My mrs had a 1.5 diesel when she was learning and for a few months after. That should fit the bill for what your after.
  8. If you can find one the old original automatic mini is the nearest thing to a dodgem
  9. A mate used to have an old school mini. TPO insurance, never locked it , I don't think he ever took the keys out of the ignition. He ran the sucker for years and just walked away from it when he had had enough.

    Not a bad starter for ten if you can handle the maintenance on it.
  10. If you want something a little newer, Ford Fiesta 1.25 (not the 1.3), ins group 3, and heres the trick, its a Zetec 16v engine.
  11. Even though I can't stand them..

    Get a Fiesta. Cheap to run and insure and there are Ford garages everywhere so getting parts shouldn't be a problem.

    I had a Punto as my first car. Ragged the shite out of it and did a serious amount of miles in it for the 3 years I had it (I bought it new). It didn't fail on me once and only went to the Fiat garage to get serviced which is just as well as Fiat customer service is non-existent.

    It's just a shame my current car is in the garage more often than not and is a supposed high quality car (that wasn't cheap...) :roll:
  12. Fiesta's are supposed to be the cheapest to insure. My first car (c. 2004) was a 1990 Skoda Favorit: It managed to replicate the experience of driving a tractor, but with none of the charm or fun. It was all over brown, both outside and inside. Pedestrians all over North Yorkshire learned to listen out for the telltale lawnmower engine and to step aside as the brown monstrosity shuddered past; piloted by a nervous and distracted teenager and leaving a cloud of oily smoke in its wake.

    So the moral of the story is: Buy a piece of shit for your first car, and you'll have something to reminisce about when you own that Range Rover Sport.

    I still miss it.
  13. Another trick with Ford's esp with your age.

    Ignore (you will have to for the moment), the 'badged' Zetec or S models, try and get a Ghia instead, Its normally the same car near enough, just with a bit of plastic wood on the dash, but doesn’t attract the same insurance premium :)
  14. Corsa GLS is cheapest.
  15. Rover 111

    Good looking cheap parts and DIRT cheap insurance.

    The thinking man's mini!

    It also may be easy to fit a 160bhp 1.8 VVC engine.... so I've heard. :twisted: