First time buyer, under 4 years’ service, posted abroad any financial help available?

Hi any help very welcome as mentioned I am looking for any financial help the army can offer, so far the only schemes I can find require a length of service before eligibility is granted. If there is nothing available for the initial purchase are there any away from home or maintenance allowances I can pick up, something more than a reduced council tax. Thanks.



I will leave it to those with more knowledge on the subject to cover the details of any allowances available, but you should consider this:

If you need these sort of allowances to make owning the property financially viable, you probably need to give some real thought about whether you should be buying at all.

Budget controls, move to the New Employment Model and general cost cutting means that your salary is about the only thing you should be relying on in the longer term. Any other allowances or claims that exist at the moment may not be there in a year or two.

If you don't need them but are just trying to find out what allowances there might be, then no problems.

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