First the Loony Left - could this be the Crazy Clergy?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Jul 1, 2007.

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  2. Good to see them offering comfort and support in times of need!!!
  3. It's a bit like African witch doctors who used to frighten their tribes people by saying that an eclipse of the Sun was a warning.
    There's enough religeous fanatcism without the Bishops stoking the flames.
  4. Institutionalised power being set up to control people and their morals has been an endeavour at which the Church has excelled for centuries. It was around long before the state existed as a controlling institution. When the authority of the church wained, it sanctioned the 'Inquisition' to restore it's power. So powerful did the church become that Henry VIII legislated to set limits upon it. I do share the concern the church has about the dominion over morality the state has aggregated to itself but I find the contention that precipitation is the work of an angry God a little difficult to swallow.
  5. At least they're not calling for all CofE types to start suicide bombing. Mind you it'd be hard to find 72 CofE virgins...
  6. words fail me.... it reminds me of when I was sat in a cafe in Sinai talking to a Egyptian mate and his muslim-convert, English wife. He told me that disasters only happened to wicked people.

    When I pointed out that the (then) recent tsunami had killed huge numbers of their fellow muslims, they then told me that this was because they were not sufficently devout! He then went on to tell me that this was always the case - Allah punishes bad people. :x

    I was fuming.... I pointed out that following this train of thinking, the Palastineans must be right tossers.... he was not impressed.. We then agreed to stick to talking about diving rather than religion or politics.
  7. Whats next Locusts, Plague ?
  8. religion relies upon fear for its existence, say no more !
  9. It's got to be said, God's got form for this sort of thing. Anyone been building an ark, by any chance?
  10. Why don't we just chuck another couple of vigins into the volcano? That'll sort it out, and Global Warming at the same time.
    BTW, all those that planted "Drought-Friendly" plants in their gardens, who do they go to to get their money back? :D
  11. So Sheffield is a particularly appropriate target for God's wrath? I can think of places a lot more wicked than that.
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    They really should stick to 'educating' choirboys.

  13. Ah...I think you refer to this old standard?

    There once was a Bishop of Birmingham,
    Who b******d three boys while confirming 'em,
    As they knelt seeking God, he erected his rod,
    And pumped his episcopal s***m in 'em.

    Anglican bishop of course old chap...
  14. And they wonder why church attendance is down? :roll:

    Sad buggers.